Nintendo Switch Lite Comparison, Unboxing, & Review (EARLY)

When it comes to the Nintendo switch
ever since its release March third of 2017 we generally have never ever seen a
price drop we’ve gotten a select number of bundles that include games and
generally it’s not discounted too much and right around the beginning of the
holiday season for Black Friday we may see a bundle that gives you an
additional game however never ever have we seen the Nintendo switch in any of
its iterations fall below $300 unless you go to Game Stop I used one for two
hundred and eighty I don’t recommend that but a Nintendo’s attempt to finally
open up the market for people who maybe can’t afford a premium $300 console and
have a 2d s a 3ds they want to convert them to being Nintendo switch owners and
they’re doing it with the Nintendo switch light the Nintendo switch light
is only two hundred dollars compared to three hundred dollars for Nintendo
switch and loses the main functionality of the switch which is to switch between
a handheld and a portable console not only is it significantly smaller but you
got a lot less in the box so first let’s take a look at the packaging for the
Nintendo switch light as I previously mentioned it’s a lot smaller than the
package for the Nintendo switch in height width and girth the Nintendo
switch especially the v2 packaging focuses on the many different forms and
functions of the Nintendo switch this switch light shows you in almost every
single shot correction in every single shot it being held in a hand to show
that it is definitely a handheld console and the top says Nintendo let’s go ahead
open this bad boy up now the Nintendo switch light releases
on Friday September 20th 2019 I happen to get my hands on a curly one by a
local shop that was selling it early so yay I also had to drive six hours for it
so that’s that’s what it cost to me what did it cost everything so we open it up
and here is our Nintendo switch light in beautiful packaging right below that we
lift this up we have documentation and a single power cord something really
interesting to point out here I have an original Nintendo switch power brick and
the new Nintendo switch light power brick they are completely identical in
power consumption input/output everything the only difference is it’s a
different serial number they use a different font and the new one is made
in China and the old one is made in the Philippines they’re both the exact same
length part of the reason the Nintendo switch lights packaging is so much
smaller is mostly due to the fact that there’s nothing in the box compared to
the Nintendo switch which as soon as you open it it presents itself as being with
separate joy cons and below that having compartments for the Nintendo switch
dock power cord documentation joy con grip and the joy con rails instead you
don’t have any of that so boom that’s it that’d be the only thing the yellow is
not a very bright high-gloss yellow it’s sort of like a gold inspired yellow
almost kind of a cheese yellow in this shot here I’m going to do my best for
color correction that way it appears the exact same way that it appears for me in
real life while it’s sort of cheese yellow it’s not as cheese yellow as
pokemon yellow it’s only a shade off from the let’s go Pikachu and Eevee
limited edition yellow as opposed to the arms neon yellow which is a much more
green yellow so overall it’s yellowness isn’t that loud which is really nice if
we were to inspect the top of the switch light we have ourselves the power button
the volume rocker some vents for heat a headphone jack and a game card slot
these two small black circles that you see right here these are actually
Phillips head screws and that would be how you take apart the switch light and
if we look at the bottom here we have an area for the micro SD
card we have two more Phillips head screws USBC and my finger is covering up
the serial number and if we look at the bottom here we have these two holes I
believe this is going to be where the sound is coming out of I’m not too sure
we’re gonna find out when we turn it on and inspecting the front of the switch
instead of the four buttons that we have on the Left joique on which you may be
used to instead now we have a firm d-pad when comparing the d-pad to say the
d-pad of the pro controller it does have a similar feel to it
there is not as much travel time and also there’s a much more muted sound as
opposed to on the pro controller which actually is somewhat audible when you
press down in a direction when comparing the buttons on the ABXY the actuation
point feels a little bit further down as opposed to the Joye con which as soon as
you press it you immediately feel it being registered so similar to how the
pro controller has a little bit of travel before it’s finally pushed down
that’s a similar feel to the buttons here on the switch light the plus and
minus buttons that appear at the top of the switch are the exact same buttons
they have the exact same feel as the Joye cons and when it comes to the
joysticks that are on here they feel exactly the same as the Joye cons now I
do not know if they’ve updated anything on the inside to possibly address the
drifting issue if you want to learn more about that I recommend checking out my
buddy spawn wave he does lots of tear downs and I’m sure Friday he’s going to
be doing a teardown of the Nintendo switch light on the Nintendo switch it
does have this glass vessel that goes around the screen and it’s black right
here so it doesn’t really appear visible as opposed to the switch light that it’s
colored back there so because of that you can clearly see where the Plexiglas
begins and where the screen begins and then the last thing to note is similar
to the pro controller which I literally just learned about this there’s an LED
around the home button and here on the switch lights you can
see an LED ring around the home button when they don’t further ado let’s go
ahead and boot up the switch light I think it’s funny that they still use
the switch logo of the joy count attaching on the system that doesn’t
have detachable joy counts just by going through like the whole setting up page
it feels nice it feels really nice in the hand also disclaimer I don’t have
big hands I really don’t I kind of have girly hands they’re bigger than a
child’s hands I’m not a guy with like big growl a masculine sausage finger
hands and said like the pro controller is like a very comfortable full fit for
me as opposed to the Nintendo switch that well my hands feel cramped over
here it’s almost impossible for me to reach things in the middle so if I were
to play a game that works exclusively with the touch screen like Mario maker 2
or poly bridge it’s hard for me and I actually prefer to remove the joy comes
when I do something like that here for the switch light while the screen isn’t
much smaller I do have like great control and I can type on to this no
problem the shoulder buttons feel very similar to the joy Khan shoulder buttons
however instead of that crisp clicking this it has sort of more of a muted
sound instead you’re going to be hearing all of the buttons that have a muted
sound it makes a lot of sense because this is something you’re going to be
playing in public and people are gonna be hearing it all the time I think
that’s a nice little attention to detail that they decided to do oh I like the
d-pad the d-pad feels solid I like I really like the clicking this of the
d-pad during the setup screen I have an option here for import user you can copy
an existing user and use it on an additional console or transfer it
entirely you still have the console with your user you want to import yes will
you keep using this previous console in addition to this one yes
link Nintendo account system update is required so we’ll be attending to
later so the Nintendo switch light at ship date is going to be shipping with
system firmware number oh it doesn’t tell me the firmware it just says system
update is ready that was a very fast update so because of that I’m starting
to think that it was on 8.1 and now it just went to 9.0 which that’s the most
recent firmware update that happened that took literally that fast I don’t
know if I’ll keep it in there but it was I don’t know maybe 10 seconds yes and
now we’re on version 9.0 and there’s sort of a weird feeling here it’s sort
of the same feeling if you’ve ever owned a 3ds and a 3ds XL that while the 3ds XL
is a bigger screen the non XL version is a smaller screen but it it feels more
crisp obviously the pixel density is going to be more tight so because of
that it’s it’s sort of a better-looking screen I’m not gonna lie when I pick
this up I didn’t think that I was actually going to use this because I
very rarely played the switch in handheld mode because I’m recording
footage for you guys a lot of the time but this this feels nice one thing that
I did notice almost immediately the light these are definitely the speakers
here at the bottom this is where the sound is coming out of and if you are in
a position that you’re resting your hands like this the sound becomes very
muffled if you have larger hands your hands may
be gripping around the outside of the switch and then covering up the
speaker’s also if you’re laying in bed and you’re playing with your switch on
your tummy like a sea otter there’s a very good chance that you’re going to be
covering up the speaker’s the screen looks really good like I’m really
enjoying the crisped nests of this screen okay it’s very hard to play the game
like that with it not facing me at all and I have to like completely lean over
in order to see so what do I think overall about the Nintendo switch light
I really like it if you’re someone who has a lot of important data on their
Nintendo switch if you’re a content creator or if you just sync so many
hours into your Nintendo switch and you want a system that let’s say is more
expendable then maybe the Nintendo switch light is a good second system for
you so you keep this one at home and then this one is your on the go or maybe
this is the family’s Nintendo switch and you want your own which makes sense
especially with Pokemon and Animal Crossing coming out you’re gonna want a
lot of single-player data so whatever it may be if this is going to be your first
time purchasing a Nintendo switch going from the full switch to the switch light
you’re not losing a lot of the experience you’re still going to be able
to play this with another controller far away in a tabletop mode you’re still
going to be able to play this with extended battery life which is fantastic
so do I think this is a worthy replacement of the 2d SXL absolutely I
need a price point being $100 less than the switch it’s a great way to get in
here anyways guys I’m wrapping up this video I want to thank you for checking
it out if you haven’t done so be sure to leave a like down below if you’re new to
the channel be sure to subscribe turn on notifications until next time Austin

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100 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch Lite Comparison, Unboxing, & Review (EARLY)

  1. Ive pre ordered this just so i can finally get a switch and play fire emblem three houses
    And ive allways been a handheld console kind of guy so this is great for me

  2. I already preordered and paid off for the turquoise cant wait 2 more days ❤getting Links awakening and Pokemon Sword .love your shirt when it comes to the speaker's just use headphones 🤷‍♂️

  3. Soo, question, you said you can have the same user profile active on multiple consoles. Does that mean I could upload my save data from a compatible game, then load it up on another console and continue from there?

  4. My girlfriend made a good point when I told her about the lite. I told her it’s ups and downs but when I told her about how it doesn’t dock she simply said “but that’s what makes it great”. I never thought about dock mode that much but it really is such a crucial feature that makes up a huge part of the experience. When you take into consideration that paired with the lack of rumble, smaller screen and no detachable controllers I honestly have to say it’s not worth it. You get SO much more for just an additional $100.
    I think this will be great for kids exclusively but that’s it.

  5. I picked up my Original Nintendo Switch for $250 through a retail deal site online. It was New In Box. This wasn't an auction site, this wasn't a refurb, this was a brand new Switch with a great deal. This happens now and again. I'd keep your eyes open.

  6. I’ve played every Zelda ever made I don’t own a switch or a light so please give me a chance to Play links awakening
    Link link link link link link link link

  7. Is this video for people who’s been under a rock, and blind?

    “And it says Nintendo on the top of the box”

    Maybe it’s just me, no wonder I don’t have a YouTube channel…

    My version of the same video…

    So the difference is
    No dock, D-pad.
    I doubt anyone is listening or comparing how the buttons sound when pressed…people have other pressing issues…
    Ie drifting

    Maybe I’ll start a channel, and copy videos like these…

    This years apple event…
    The iPhone has a better camera… period. Catch ya next time on 60 secs or less.

    I own the rights to that name!! Lol

  8. I like the idea of the lite, as a 35 year old xbox gamer I really like the mature gaming acceptance approach.. They got a sale because of that, Doom Wolfenstein, Alien Isolation etc on the go! YES PLEASE!!

  9. so if someone just wanted the hand hell device and didn't care if they could project it onto the tv and joycons the lite would be a better option ???

  10. What I don't understand is if I have 2 Switch's how do I transfer games back and forth between the 2? Can the Switch gameshare because my brother had a Switch and so did I and we could never get game sharing to work on the Switch and was told it is not possible. So having 2 Switch's would be dumb right because you'd essentially have to buy all your games twice Or no?

  11. I feel that the switch light should market its main thing for keeping the spirit of the switch name by emphasizing the ease of whitch you can transfer saves and profiles to the lite

  12. My local Walmart’s having been selling them for a week I thought it was a mistake but none of the associates could tell me why there actually selling them so early

  13. Hell no. If the battery last as long as the new Switch than yes but it's barely better than the old switch. Spend your money on the new switch and you can play it docked too with all the bells and whistle.

  14. Anyone else worried that Ninty will look at the logs, see that a Switch Lite unit with serial XYZ connected and downloaded a firmware update two days early, and check their POs for which store got unit XYZ, and then just basically send in the Ninty “frivolous litigation team” to demolish that retailer… seems to be how Ninty is doing business these days right?

  15. They totally missed the opportunity to have a Zelda links Awakening special edition switch lite… Like cmon. At least give us Atomic purple.

  16. The Switch isn't anything I wish it was. Unfortunate, really. Too many ports and bad hardware. I wish I could recommend it, but when someone new to Nintendo can get a Wii U with smash, MK 8 and Mario party, AND a portable 2DS or it's counterparts with yet another game for CHEAPER, it just doesn't make sense.

  17. I get pissed off enough when a digital copy of a game is the same price as a physical one, as it surely you should get the cost of the Blu-ray and packaging knocked off. But Switch…. having to buy an sdcard at£15/20 for a decent 32Gb AS WELL as the overpriced game in the first place…. Nope

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