NJ Trademark Attorney Sam Redlich, Esq.

Hi there New Jersey trademark attorney
Sam Redlich, Esq. here. I work with small business and medium-sized businesses as well as
start on a variety of trademark law matters including trademark registration
trademark researchers and opinion letters trademark opposition and
cancellation proceedings as well as trademark office actions trademark
renewals trademark monitoring and of course trademark enforcement which may
include litigation I work with clients here in Somerset County out of my office
in Somerville I also worked with businesses across the state of New
Jersey and because trademarks are related to federal law I also work with
clients across the United States and sometimes around the globe if you have
any questions or comments or lawyer jokes related to trademark law you can
reach me by telephone at 908-505-5297, Email, website contact form or find me somewhere across the interwebs – Twitter, Facebook, Youtube. If you reach out I will respond. Thank you!

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