Noel Gallagher on Russell Brand and Partying with Morissey: Noisey Meets

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100 thoughts on “Noel Gallagher on Russell Brand and Partying with Morissey: Noisey Meets

  1. 2:37 Well I spent at least 5000 euro's on arcade machines in the eighties. There is no era where kids didnt spend money on useless shite.

  2. What's funny is Russell was right – there was a revolution, and it was President Trump!!!!! Hahahahahaha
    He was hoping for a revolution closer to home, and that happened too – it was Brexit
    Trumps victory was a universal earthquake.
    Too bad Russ

  3. I can't agree more about how people refuse to buy music. Today's music and its musicians are being lost due no industry to push them. I live in New York City…. in New York ducking city there is no progressive rock channel …. none …. nothing…. but there is a god damn country station… what the fuck does that say

  4. Pipe down everybody we all know that sunday's beatles day, we're gonna listen to the white album, backwards and see if we can hear any satanic messages!

    This guy is fucking biblical dyou know what i mean? I fuckin laughted

  5. "If they ever invent something with more vinegar or salt" Go up to Glasgow and get "sauce" on your chips pal ; )

  6. Yeah I'm 32 and the hangovers are killing me at this point. I feel like dying the next day. I used to get so hammered back in my days and feeling fresh as a lemon the morning after. Now I can't even have three pints of beer and not feel like shit the next day. I have to take a day off just to get myself together. Fuck getting old.

  7. he got all the charm of the family coz Liam is a right prick but without the likeable side, and actually Noel is pretty smart, working class smart, but sharp, Liam is quite plain, you can't go through a 10 minute video of Liam without dozing off

  8. Don't get how Noel would knock about with that posing tosser Brand, i just don't get him, the dick thinks he'a an intellectual when really he is as boring as mashed spuds. Noel bin the prick, you are better than that.

  9. Now listen here b'y, come down the cove later and we'll have ourselves a drop a liqour eh. Don't be shy neither b'y, I got lots, some of dat St. Pierre stuff too…yous da best eh. Rock on.

  10. Albums were always over priced, C.Ds, cassettes and vinyl…..if you were lucky there would be 3 possibly 4 really good tracks and the rest OK. Things happen for a reason and people wouldn’t download songs, and just get singles if albums were worth it.

  11. well, I was (sober) in amsterdam and I live in europe so no trouble with wrong side driving and I almost got killed by bicyclists….

  12. Square crisps are boss though. Disco crisps & Monster Munch too. When you cant be assed cooking after too many drinks….get the crisps out.

  13. Not necessarily MORE flavoursome than S & V Squares but definitely AS good… S & V Discos… ! (Mind you, if you pick a good tube, you can get quite a kick from S&V Pringles too!) Or… a Pint of lager and either pickled onion Monster Munch, or purple, rib n sauce Niknaks!!! Can't go wrong!

  14. Spending my money on music. CDs. Vinyl and music dvds live concert dvds is all I spend my money on pretty much love music

  15. I love hearing “rock stars” bitch about how they don’t get paid for putting out a CD/album. Fuck you. Get a job bitch!!

  16. I'd rather buy a coffee for the price of an oasis album. Any day. At least I'm guaranteed 30 minutes​ of enjoyment.

  17. Noel's a genuinely funny bloke, His comments on Russell Brand just make one piss one's self. Russell Brand is an absurd fool, totally out of touch with reality. But only he cannot see it. I haven't watched all this video yet, but I can imagine that partying with Morrisey would be really wild. Not. He seems like a real fun guy.

  18. “People won’t buy an album for a tenner.”
    “You know how many albums you could buy for 500 quid? I don’t know.”

    Maths not your strong point Noel.

  19. He's absolutely right. I have no hesitation to spend a tenner on a great music album. I absolutely love listening to a well mastered piece of music in its full, original intended quality. There's so much brilliant music being produced, as well as the amazing works that are still in print. CDs, you can't get any better than that.

  20. If it wasn't for the fact that much of what the guy says is true of Brand and his revolution (Civil War) then this would be funny. As for Brand he is spot on. But then he is not the only overpaid twat who constantly talks out of his arse, as so do all the politicians and world leaders, the only differance is most people still believe them and the twat Brand. Nothing ever changes only the well informed and free thinking few!

  21. Haha never a truer word said about hangovers. Even funnier is the fact I'm watching this, with a hangover! 🤣

  22. We want rid of Dukes. Some people just don’t get it. There will be riots eventually. Country’s gone to pot.

  23. Think the only thing to keep Noel and his half wit brother in the(much desired) spotlight, is a trip into the "celebrity" jungle !!

  24. I strongly dislike the majority of shite this man speaks yet I have watched at least thirty of these interviews

  25. Best night of drinking I’ve ever had was with three Brits in New York. I’m not saying tone of them was Noel Gallagher but he could have been a cousins or something. They are great fun to drink with.

  26. People who say Noel is greedy for wanting more money when he already has more than he'll ever spend are missing the point, when he rants about people not paying for music he's not talking from the point of view of a musician, he's talking from the point of view of a record company owner, which is what he is, when Noel releases an album he said the whole mission for his record company is to try and break even never mind make a profit

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