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Quantel: My heaviest was 303, everything felt heavy, constantly out of breath. I actually went to the hospital basically they said I was pre diabetic, just constant aches and pains. You just don’t feel good at all. I didn’t like being sad, I really wanted to just get out of that tunnel. Dewyntre: Had a total body transformation, he doesn’t even look the same. Quantel: I lost a total of 104 pounds in 10 months. Dewyntre: Let’s go, get it up, get it up. Quantel: To be able to love myself. That’s the true ultimate milestone I’m trying to achieve to this day. I just like to eat I was always hungry. I ate whatever I wanted. Pizza Hut, let me get that whole thing. Some chicken, let me get all the chicken. I’m hungry for it man give me all of that I’m hungry. The only sport I played was football, ever since I was about eight or nine years old. Even back then I was overweight. So I went into freshman year out of shape. They made us do running, all types of just cardio and just strenuous work. But I had a seizure. Didn’t play sports after that and that’s when all the weight started gaining. Just gaining, gaining, gaining and once I hit 18 reached 300 pounds. There’ll be days where I eat, go to the bathroom mirror, and look at myself like you fat boy why you do that? I really hated myself. I let all this negativity, just consume me. I just didn’t know how to deal with it. Jayme: By him staying by himself or keep it to himself was affecting, you know, his livelihood. Qauntel: Just constant aches and pains. I actually went to the hospital got a checkup and they basically said hey man, you got to, you got to think about your health man, you’re gaining 20 pounds each and every month, man. So basically they said I was pre diabetic.
I was that close. Now, you just don’t feel good at all. What’s wrong with you? This is me talking to myself. You’re really going to let all these outside sources, bring you this low to the point where you’re going to end your existence? And I didn’t like being sad, man, I really wanted to just get out of that tunnel. Well so I just started working out. At first it was just for attracting females. I’m not even going to lie to you, just like everybody. Who wants to be with somebody that’s not confident in themselves, think they disgusting and look ugly? People don’t like hearing negativity about themselves. You know what I’m saying we hear confidence. For the longest time that’ something I’m trying to achieve. One month in I went from 284 to 255. The first difference I seen was my face. I went from no neck to all of a sudden my face looking a little slimmer. My whole body I was like wait a minute I do look slimmer I notice a difference. As soon as I saw that, it just change. and I lost in total 104 pounds in 10 months. That feeling of gaining a pump man that’s like one of the best feelings in the world. Because like when I say it’s a stress reliever, trust and believe man like I go hard. Dewyntre: Let’s go. Let’s go. Get it up, get it up, get it up, get it up, there you go. There you go. That’s good baby. Good man, good that’s good. Had a total body transformation he don’t even look the same. I love his drive man he comes in here kills the weights. Quantel: Hey man. I would say the transformation’s all mental. It just goes so high like is the biggest thing. So honestly I just grind each and every day just, I just want to feel good about myself. Look at that. Jayme: He loose much weight he looks like a totally different person. And we look back at old pictures and just in awe of who he is today. Jayme: Wow lift your shirt up. So proud of you son. This is crazy how much, how big of a difference, you could almost put both legs in one leg. But who, who really loses 100 pounds that fast. His drive is like no other I’ve never seen anything like it. Dewyntre: Go drive it up, drive it up, drive it up. Quantel: Fitness is basically a passion. Hopefully I’ll become a personal trainer maybe, even something more than that. Dewyntre: Easy, man. Easy, easy. Qauntel: Easy I feel amazing is so much better then how it was because now I actually know I look good, I feel good.

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100 thoughts on “Obese To Beast In Under A Year | BRAND NEW ME

  1. I’ve lost over 170lbs of body fat. Losing that much weight that fast will result in loose skin. He has almost none, which is impossible.

    Either he is lying about how long it took him to lose the weight, or he just has god genetics.

  2. Damn! He's so handsome ! Obviously this man was not meant to be obese – he has good genetics . His mom is gorgeous . He was eating himself to an early death. I don't know this man but I am proud of him

  3. It’s good and all showing the weight lifting but why not show the diet? Losing weight is a 70/30 split between a good diet and exercise

  4. One of the only real videos of fat to fit. All the other video are bodybuilders showing off season to competition ready. Good job

  5. 1:27 – 1:35
    Only a real man can adopt this acceptance of reality before change.
    Also, got a Patrice Oneal vibe, when he said "Fatboy! Why u do that?" Lol.
    Much respect to the dude, still. 👊🏽

  6. Great great job done bro I’m also sharing your moms feeling of being proud of what you’ve done nice hard work n effort done thanks for this great motivating positive n constructive video thanks for sharing your awesome story 👍👍👍blessings bro

  7. Now THIS is someone who should feel proud about themselves and their body. He worked hard to achieve it, unlike the morbidly obese “body positivity” people we see on this channel who take pride in not exercising or eating right.

  8. 20 years old hats off to this man I just turned 30 and I'm on my journey now. I had the same mindset that I want to just lose weight to attract hot chicks, when in reality I want to lose it to be healthier and live a longer life and just really boost my self confidence but remain humble and appreciate the hard work and effort to reach my goals !

  9. This man story hit me hard! At the same time it motivates me! I just saved this video. I'm @220 lbs (not good weight "mainly fat") I will do what I can and exercise as much as I can and come back to comment on this video one year from now! My goal is to lose 40-50lbs but I want to have a fit body not just losing the weight and having sagging skin! #I'llBeBack

  10. "Hopefully I become a personal trainer", bro that is at the least people need to here you speak. You better get out there and testify bro, the people have to see and believe.

  11. Look great. But think about doing some cardio to really get your tone to pop. You look beefy yes but you'd look even better more cut.!💪🏽💯🙏🏽

  12. You could tell by the old photos that he was a fit guy underneath a layer of puffy fat…….just waiting to be burnt off 🙂

  13. My journey started out like his I was 280Ibs and ever since having a near death experience I decided to change myself for having a second chance. Im 220Ibs so i lost 60 Ibs in one year and still continuing to lose weight but also building muscle. Ever since losing the weight I get complimets at work and school. It was never about looking good to me but at first it was about health and having a family that love to eat delicious mexican food became a problem. Now I get the compliments in my head and I decided now its the time to look good. My new goal is to lose another 30 Ibs and build muscle in the right areas and get shreded.

  14. I was skinny as hell, weighing 62 KGs at 185 cm height. One year in the gym and i am 81 Kgs, i gained a lot of muscles. I can relate to this guy. I also used to hate myself and i didn't have confidence in myself.

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