Overcome Insecurities and Build Your Billion Dollar Brand: Grant Cardone and Lewis Howes

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97 thoughts on “Overcome Insecurities and Build Your Billion Dollar Brand: Grant Cardone and Lewis Howes

  1. Yes the first step is to start ! Most folks don’t even get started !! Fear will destroy everything!! I keep trying to teach this on my YouTube channel too 👍🔥💰

  2. Life is not as long as you think. Before long you will be old. I intended to start my YouTube meditation music channel some time ago, but before I knew it 4 years had slipped by. I started uploading videos 2 months ago and they seem to be popular. Don't procrastinate. Take action today.

  3. Life doesn't last as long as you think it will. I delayed 4 years to start my YouTube channel. Don't make the same mistake please.

  4. Yay!!! Grant!! Super pumped to listen to this when I get home. Playing it in the background while I edit! Thanks so much Lewis for bringing him on! 😁

  5. who would think Grant feels these things. Thank you so much for doing this video. Helps someone like me. I have fears of people wanting to hear what I have to say with Energy Work, Biomechanics and Healing. This was good.

  6. Now listening to how you met your wife. Knowing she was the one and growth. And then the partnership between the two of you with Masculine and Feminine energy. Beautiful to hear how the manifestations work.

  7. I registered to an event and didnt go, vecause it seemed confusing that it was a live event with you present when one was scheduled the same day in new Jersey and I am in Delaware. So i thought it was clickbatish and you wouldnt be there. Bu i was gonna go to get the free book and meet you, cause i heard you are good.

  8. Thanks so much for the awesome video Lewis 🔥 This will definitely help me improve my Mindset, Business, and Life!! Keep it up! 💯💯🙌

  9. I loved this interview….I’m typing this before the interview is even over but I already love this. I’m not particularly a Grant Cardone fan but I loved his messaging and delivery here👍🏿👌🏿👊🏿

  10. Out of every podcast and person I have studied and learned from NO ONE has helped me improve my life more than Uncle G! Forever grateful 🙏

  11. Love your guests but SHUT UP and let them talk! Lewis you constantly interrupt and interject and ask question after question after question. Jesus!

  12. Man its never to early to have GC on the show. Great guy love his energy and he is my personal mentor that i have never met. Favorite quote “show up everyday”!

  13. Remember it's your life your trip ,so do it your way…follow no one. Others mean nothing to your way. Empower your vision, only.

  14. Vegetarian diet only gives every for 3 weeks then it goes downhill. You can't replace the amino acid profile, it competes with other protein to reach your brain. Try to find a long term vegan who is mentally stable. You won't.

  15. I love how every time you talk to G you get him to up this game every time! Your amazing at asking him the questions to get him to look deep inside himself in a different way.. uncle G gets a diploma from Lewis’s school of greatness 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  16. Very good interviewer here. Happy he has got this podcast going. Real value, good questions, positive attitude, sharp dude.

  17. Uncle G is the who you need to follow… I have learned more in 2 years of listening to him than in my 15 years of experience and 7 years of college and masters.

  18. Why in the hell does Lewis Howes not have a million subscribers on YouTube? He is one of the best humans, has a great show, guest selection always on point, just an all around solid contributor to this world. If anyone is reading this and are not subscribed to his channel, take a second and go subscribe.

  19. Great interview and awesome to hear that both of you are trying plant-based (hopefully sticking to it) 🙂
    You do not need meat or animal products to build muscle or be thriving.
    We started our channel for this exact reason, to show simple vegan recipes that are high in protein, delicious and easy to make.

  20. Wht a great interview👏 Yeah GC & Elena both are so inspiring 👌 Yeah play with ur Fear I loved that. Also they both are great parents😍

  21. Moving in with a woman who is not your wife is not christian and it doesn't really work in most cases Lewis. I am just telling the truth.

  22. I love how Lewis Howes draws out Grant's inner thinking and the struggles along the way. Grant is amazing – the amount he achieved since I first got exposed to him compared to today is mind blowing!! Is an inspiration for everyone especially myself that we should do better for ourselves and everyone around us.

  23. Insecurities and Thinking small is a problem that the majority of people in our society battles. The ICSP family is in the process of developing communities to support one another to strive for greatness. Together we can fix this issue. Pay it forward. Tell someone they do matter and they have greatness inside them today!

  24. This is totally lit.. I've been looking for a real down-2-earth interview Lewis you rawk and uncle G.. Great inspiration

  25. It's great that Grant discovered the true power of whole food plant based diet! It has added years of health to my life also. Cutting out the middleman is the key – especially when the middlemen are tortured babies and moms who do not want to end up on your plate. It's really a no brainer

  26. I love uncle G but going vegan will not change your health for the better. Game Changers has been debunked by some of the top nutritionists.

  27. For what it's worth, it helps me feel better to hear that you were broke at age 48, as I just entered 49, still not making ends meet, and so ready to be back in black.

  28. Grant give out your phone number to everyone in the Audience and say call me anytime and I will answer the phone you have a business partner for life if you say that in the first 2 minutes you will give them value and they will know it.

  29. That’s an awesome interview. Grant is looking better on plant based too 🤟

    P.s. if you need free background music for your content – I welcome you to my channel!

  30. LOVE YOU BOTH SO MUCH!!! I can't do these hour long ep–MY BIZ IS GETTIN GOOD! Lewis, I enjoyed the first 10 mins..LOVE you both and your transparency…REMINDER: you & Grant both need this: THE #1 REASON I KEEP COMING BACK TO Y'all AND PAYING for your events, plane tickets etc–YOU HAVE AMAZING STAFF & THEY ARE HERE TO SUPPORT US! & you two PERSONALLY have supported me CONSISTENTLY! My mindset around wealthy people (Preventing me from becoming one) "wealthy people dont care….." etc..IS GONE because of y'all! (and now more people) I KNOW I'm worth it and I KNOW why I"m doing this…ya'll keep showing me!! Thanks for all the emotional obstacles y'all over come from your past that are PROPELLING US forward to PROSPERITY IN EVERY SENSE OF THE WORLD! <3 y'all!

  31. I love that Grant is trying a plant based diet! I went plant based 4 years ago and have found significant health benefits. That said, I faced as Lewis put it "a lot more gas" when I initially tried it, but made some modifications that eliminated it so I could enjoy the benefits of that diet without the downsides. Reach out if you do want to try plant-based but need guidance on how to avoid the gas issue.

  32. i don't understand why grant is raising money from the little guys? Why doesnt he like sam Zell and Steve Schwarzman go to Pension Funds and raise there Money, the have all the Money in the World. I think he could raise Billions from Pension Funds

  33. “Why are you playing so slow?” I heard Jeff Bezos say in a recent interview that slow is smooth and smooth is fast. When Grant says it looks like he’s moving fast, maybe it’s bc he’s moving methodically slow. When you move fast, it’s easier to fall into the trap of not thinking every detail is important.

  34. Lewis and Grant this was Top 3 Interviews for me!!! Thank you both so much! PS When is Lewis going to speak at GrowthCon?!

  35. Grant, cows are better at breaking down grass. When you eat the meat, you receive the full benefits of the grass as well. Humans are not good at Breaking down vegetables. The fact that you feel better off meat has nothing to do with this scientific fact.

  36. ขอให้พระเจ้าจงรับรู้ในสิ่งที่ถูกต้องนะคะการให้เวลาหรือให้โอกาจคงเป็นผลดีในอยาคต ในความพอดี คะขอมีสุขตลอดไปนะเพื่อนรัก

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