Owner Interview: 1969 Apollo 11 Logo-Design Archive

GUEST: You know, when my father did this,
I was eight. The appraiser was saying for this stuff here,
$3,000… $5,000, yeah, which was a lot more than I
expected. INTERVIEWER: What was it like growing up in
a house where your dad did work for NASA? GUEST: It was hectic. It was crazy. I mean, these guys they had just a few years
to get a man on the moon and everything was behind. Everything was two weeks, three weeks behind. We’ve got to do this, we’ve got to do that. And it was all a team, from the guys landing
on the moon, to the guys doing the patches. My dad would sometimes spend 80, 90, 100 hours
a week at NASA. I guess I didn’t know any different. I remember weekends were really special, Sundays
especially, because that’s really the only time we had together, at least towards the
end when things were really hectic. INTERVIEWER: Would he tell you stories about
the office? GUEST: Yeah. Some I can probably relate, some I can’t. But he said … you’ve got to remember, these
are guys, their job was to sit on 200,000 pounds of high explosives. So you had to have a certain mentality. These were ex-fighter pilots, ex-test pilots,
and these guys, they had a certain bravado and a certain … you know, that’s what they
did. If they had parties at the house, I had to
go upstairs. INTERVIEWER: Ooh. GUEST: Yeah. He did tell me the story about when they first
moved to Houston from Mission Control, they gave the astronauts all brand new Corvettes. He remembered going to work, because they
all lived in the same area, Clear Lake and so forth, and they were going to work and
he remembered those guys on that fresh white concrete, they had all the super highways,
these guys zip zip zip zip racing to work, like they were racing their jets. INTERVIEWER: Does your dad know you’re here
today? GUEST: He doesn’t. I’m going to surprise him. The show won’t be on I guess until January,
so I’m not going to say anything ’til then. I’ll say, “You need to watch the Antiques
Roadshow,” and he’ll say, “Oh, okay, I guess,” and then I’ll say, “No, no, you really need
to watch it,” so hopefully we’ll surprise him with this. I think he’ll be pleased.

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