Patent & Trademark Clinic

(upbeat music) – The Patent and Trademark
Clinic really naturally evolved from our Entrepreneurship and
Community Development Clinic. We’ve had many clients over
the last six and a half years who have needed Patent
and Trademark work done, didn’t have the resources
to get that work done. The Entrepreneurship Clinic
gets outside the scope of what we do in the
Entrepreneurship Clinic, so this is a solution for them. It’s also been in demand by our students. At the beginning of each semester in my Entrepreneurship
Clinic I ask students what legal area they most interested in for purposes of assigning clients, and number one response
is Intellectual Property. The Clinic is intended to
serve local businesses, aspiring entrepreneurs
and banners in Cincinnati. We have great products, great ideas, but have limited resources. We are the only law school in Ohio that will offer a clinic
that provides services in both Patents and Trademarks. I think our Patent and
Trademark Clinic is unique compared to our other
clinics and is focused on Intellectual Property law, which is a real thriving
area of the law now-a-days with all of the innovations in technology. One of the best things about
the experience students will have is the client
interactions they will have. They will actually be leading meetings with their clients and
assuming responsibility for developing that
relationship for their clients, and meeting the legal
needs of their clients. I think it’s really
important for our students to have that experience
before they graduate because the practice of
law is about relating to other people and
addressing their legal needs and I think most important
of all our students will gain the confidence
they need to practice law which will come when they
realize the value that they actually bring to our clients. (upbeat music)

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