Sunny Lenarduzzi: How do you build a powerful
and profitable personal brand from scratch? Well, I have built my personal brand from
zero, and I have a few tricks up my sleeve to help you do the same. Trick number one is set yourself up for search. So, whether you’re using Instagram or YouTube,
and those are the main platforms I’m going to focus on because they are the most powerful
platforms, in my opinion, when it comes to building a personal brand and what I’ve used
the most. On Instagram, you want to make sure that you’re
searchable. So, what does that mean? Let me show you. This is definitely the easiest way to do this. So, you can see on my Instagram bio that in
my title it says marketing expert, and you would be shocked at the amount of people who
find me every single day and follow my account because they’re looking for this term. Another example is my friend, Rachel Bell,
and she has business mentor in her header right here. So, this is searchable, and you want to make
sure that whatever it is that you do or whoever you’re trying to attract, they know exactly
what they’re looking for, and when they look for it, they’re going to find you. And you can see in Rachel’s bio as well. It’s super clear what she does, and so, another
example of this is if I’m looking for, let’s say, a fitness expert, when I type in fitness
expert, and I don’t even know exactly who I’m searching for, I’m going to click on the
top couple of examples here, and all of these people have fitness nutrition expert, fitness
expert, fitness shred expert in their bios. And that shows me … and you can see how
many followers this guy has. That shows me that this person is obviously
who I’m looking for. So, this is an easy way to get an advantage
on getting found by the right people. Very similarly on YouTube, you want to include
a lot of the same elements that you would in your Instagram bio on your YouTube channel
header, and in the Boss YouTube channel checklist, which we’ll link below, it’ll show you exactly
how to set up your channel headers to stand out and to build your personal brand. So, this is one of our 30 Accelerator clients,
one of our new clients, and you know exactly what you’re getting when you go to her channel. Heal Your Face with Food, you know that she’s
going to be talking about diet to get rid of acne or have clear skin, and so, you can
see here that her opt-in is linked right here, and that’s going to help people get on her
list, which builds her brand faster, and Jill has done a great job of putting her press
here as well. So, even if don’t have this, as long as people
know exactly why they should be on your channel and what you’re going to talk about, you’re
going to build a really targeted, powerful audience and build your personal brand a lot
faster. So, whether it’s Instagram or YouTube, tell
people what you do, why you’re an expert, what you can help them with, and why they
should follow you or subscribe. Trick number two is polarize. This is going to be super uncomfortable, but
it’s really important when you’re building your brand, and it’s what a lot of major companies,
corporations do. Prime example is in politics. It’s either red or blue. Not the greatest thing in the world, wish
it was more unified, and I don’t even live in the states. So, I have no opinion on this. Please don’t yell at me, but you will notice
that if you just use it as a case study, there are certain things that red states will do
that are very different and opposite than blue states, and those belief systems are
very different, and that’s how it works when it comes to branding, too. You have to make sure that you have a belief
system set up, that you have words that you use, that you have colors that you use that
are very opposite and polarizing from what other people are doing or other brands or
companies or influences are doing. So, that’s how you stand out from the crowd. Another good example is if you look at fast
food chains, looking at Burger King versus McDonald’s. You have very different brands in the same
market. Or you could look at car companies. Again, there’s so many different kinds of
cars out there. How do they allow themselves to stand out
because they’re all doing the same functionality. They’re all serving the same purpose, getting
you from A to B, but why do you go with a Chevy versus a Pontiac? I don’t know. Random example, I’m not a car person either. But polarizing is really, really important. Trick number three is hashtags and keywords. So, very similar to what I talked about in
step one. This makes you searchable and discoverable. So, you’re not just publishing a video or
posting a piece of content and having that immediate success but no long-term results. So, making sure that you’re using hashtags,
and you’re using keywords. Hashtags on Instagram, keywords on YouTube,
and now, actually, you can use hashtags on YouTube as well to categorize your content
and get found. So, make sure you’re using them so that you
show up in front of the people who are looking for the topics that you’re talking about. I went into detail on this and how I do my
hashtag research in this video about how I post on Instagram. So, make sure you check that out. We’ll put it in the description below, so
you can see more so of what I do with my strategy there. I’m really curious, before we dive into the
next step, what are the keywords that you know your audience is looking for? We all have them. It doesn’t even mean that you have to be super,
super niche down, but you know where you want your brand to be. You know where you want your brand to be positioned. So, what are people searching for? Comment below with what those keywords are,
and let’s see if we can support each other in finding the right audiences. Trick number four is going to be unpopular
for sure, but it is the truth. You may notice that if you follow me on Instagram
that I have started posting a lot more real photos, a lot more authentic photos. There was a long period of time where Instagram
became this very magazine-esque, model-esque platform, and everyone looked picture perfect. I’m over it. Instagram is over. The algorithm’s over it. What people are craving right now is authenticity. So, if you look at examples of major celebrities,
i.e. look at Jennifer Lopez on YouTube as well as on Instagram. She’s posting behind-the-scenes. She’s posting just selfies. She’s posting things that are very authentic
and very real, and she’s very much so capable of only posting photo shoot shots, but she
is doing that because it makes her relatable. People want to relate with you, and that’s
how you build a really powerful personal brand. The only way to build a personal brand that
people are actually going to be invested in is if they feel like they know you, they can
relate to you, and you build that know, like, and trust factor, which is the most important
thing when you’re building and kind of brand at all. Step number five, which is probably the easiest
thing you can do when building a personal brand is identify the kinds of colors and
fonts that you want to work with and stick with them because you get known for them. As you guys may notice, I use a lot of yellow
in my branding because my name’s Sunny. So, for me, it’s super obvious, but for you
guys, it might be a little bit different, and what I always recommend is just gravitate
towards the colors that you normally would gravitate towards. The thing about your personal brand is you
already have a personal brand. Whether you have one follower or zero followers
or 100 million followers, you are a personal brand. So, if I went around, and I asked your friends,
“What do you think of so and so,” what would they say about you? Whatever they say about you is what your personal
brand represents. That’s your values and your vision and your
mission aligned with who you are as a person. So, all you need to do is just continue to
capitalize on that. So, the things that you naturally gravitate
towards, i.e. colors, you want to incorporate those into your personal brand because then
it makes it authentic to who you really are. Trick number six is competitive research. So, this is really scoping out the people
who have a very similar audience to you and figuring out what they’re doing right and
what kind of content is getting the most engagement that they’re posting and taking that and using
it for your own content and using it in your own unique way, providing your own unique
experience and intel and thoughts and things that you want to share with your community. But you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. I think that’s the really important thing
to understand. You’re not starting from zero, even if you
do have zero followers right now. There are people out there who have the audience
that you’re trying to attract. So, study the crap out of them, learn what
they’re doing right, learn what’s resonating with their audience, and figure out how you
can take that and do it yourself but in your own unique, so you’re not actually copying
them, and that works really well with trick number two, which is polarizing. So, you can create the same kind of content
on the same kinds of topics because you know your audience’s interest in it, but you do
it in a way that is totally different, completely polarize, and helps you stand out from the
rest of the people doing it. Trick number seven is HARO. I mentioned this in a video a long time ago,
but it’s Help a Reporter Out, and it’s an amazing site for when you’re first starting
to build your brand because, basically, what you do is you go on there, and you look up
the content category or the niche or the topic that you’re trying to build your brand in,
and there are constantly going to be updates from reporters looking for people to feature
in their articles, and it can be on sites from all around the world, big sites, small
sites, whatever it might be. So, use Help a Reporter Out to start getting
press mentions and start being featured as an expert and a thought leader so you can
elevate your personal brand a lot faster. Trick number eight is quotables. What are some of the things that you say on
social media, whatever platform it might be, that really get a lot of engagement? So, something that I will do is I’ll post
something on Twitter as kind of a testing ground and see what kind of engagement I get,
and if it gets a ton, then what I’ll do is I’ll turn it into a graphic on Instagram because
I know it’s already proven to succeed. So, you don’t have to, again, reinvent the
wheel, and you don’t have to be making new content for every platform. You can strictly find out what works somewhere
and repurpose it somewhere else in the format for that platform. So, that helps you create thought leadership
because you’re creating content that’s unique to you, came from your brain, use it as a
quotable, graphic on Instagram, text on Twitter, post it on Facebook. You can even use it in a video, or if you
say something in a video that gets a lot of pick-up, you can turn that into text or graphic
as well. And that leads me into trick number nine,
which is my final point that you want to build across platforms, but you don’t want to be
active on all platforms at all times because, realistically, you won’t be able to do anything
else. So, try and pick one hub platform and then
just repurpose content from there, and another point that I wanted to add onto this is that
you really want to make sure that you’re doing the five minute rule. So, this is something that I recommend you
do on the platform that you’re focusing on. So, if it’s YouTube, I want you to go to similar
channels as yours every single day for five minutes a day, and I want you to engage in
the comment section, answer questions, respond to people, and see if you can get them to
really engage back with you, and then, go and follow your profiles. That’s an amazing way to start building your
community from the ground up. It’s something that I did for 20 minutes a
day, every single day, for the first year that I was building on YouTube. So, if you’re on Instagram, you can do the
same thing. I’ve got a lot of little tricks there and
other videos on that topic, but the five minute rule strictly means spending five minutes
a day cultivating a community because if you’re waiting for people to come to you and to find
you, you’re going to be waiting forever. You have to go out there and build your community
and build momentum on your own, especially in the beginning, and then, your 1000 true
fans, the people who were totally bought into you from the beginning, will be the people
who help you build that audience faster because they’re going to be your biggest advocates. I wanted to show you a recent post inside
of our YouTube for Bosses group. One of our members posted this and said, “Okay,
I’ve only done this twice, but it really does work. Last time, my comment got 95 likes and pushed
me to the very top comment under the video, and that’s caught a couple million subscribers,
and it helped me to gain new subscribers,” right? So, this works, and she said, “This girl just
subscribed to my channel, and it took me a minute to share that with her.” So, it really does work, and if you do this
for five minutes a day, you’ll really start to see momentum in building your personal
brand. YouTube is truly, in my opinion, the most
powerful platform to build your personal brand. I do love Instagram as well, and I think they
work super well together, but YouTube works as a machine for you at all times, and it’s
just building your audience on autopilot. So, if you want to learn more about that,
we have a free training below this video. Make sure you go check it out, and I’ll teach
you how I 100X my subscribers and doubled my revenue in my first year of doing YouTube. Now, I also can’t forget to mention our amazing
comment of the week. Thank you guys so much for being here and
for taking the time to comment. It seriously means the world to me, and I
just love reading everything that you guys have to say and all the feedback, and it truly
helps me create the right content for you. If you liked this video, you know what to
do. Hit that like button. Take a screenshot … I need to think of a
new pose … and put it up on Instagram. Tag me and let me know what your thoughts
were on this and what your biggest takeaway was from this video and what you’re going
to do to start building your personal brand today. If you haven’t subscribed yet, I post new
videos every single week. So, make sure you hit that subscribe button,
hit the bell to get notified when we post new videos, and of course, leave me a comment
below with any other topics that you want me to cover. Thank you for watching. I hope this was valuable for you, and I will
see you in the next video.

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