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34 thoughts on “Photoshop tutorial: Animating a logo with keyframes in Photoshop |

  1. does anyone know why im not getting the option to transform objects in the timeline. im only getting position,style and opacity in the drop menu. i followed everything in this vid including turning layers into smart objects.

  2. so when i press ctrl+t to torn the layer just for one frame …all the frames change ther rotation and scale form …so i cant have a rotation animation …can you explane this pointe pleas

  3. i don't have the option to transform in photoshop cc, instead there's position. I have a line that i need to build up like the one in yours but it doesn't work.

  4. Thank you so much. I nearly had a mental breakdown, because I have to finish an animation and Premier Pro is trolling me so PS was my last hope. Thank you.

  5. Work like a charm.

    In the last few hours, I read a lot reference articles as well as view some tutorial videos in youtube, I still have some not clear with keyframe terms.

    But with your video, I can't believe that I understood clearly how to make animation, transform, keyframe… Tks so much ❤️.

  6. Posting this right here – if anyone knows they get an emoji gold star and fist bump from me…

    What's the shortcut to adding keyframes along multiple layers, if I wanted to lengthen or shorten an animation sequence? Right now I have to select the individual keyframes and move frame by frame, and layer by layer.

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