Powerpoint MS Logo Animation- How to Create Reverse Animation Path in Powerpoint

me the the in this presentation we are going to
see how to animate microsoft’s logo or do
they mean by animate and where to start with an empty slide
displayed and when I click the logo is going to assemble it
to nicely like this so let’s see how this is done sounds simple but it’s not that simple let’s start with the logo except which is
a simple picture original downloaded from the Internet but now in order to animated by going to
use the picture I need individual components which are
four boxes so Wrangler do is create a box over now when I insert a shape I want a perfect square which is done by
pressing Shift key and then draw that is all you there
perfect shapes Sandler to insert a shape rectangle I’m going to start exactly where the
square should be and then press Shift key and draw it I
don’t want the borders forward to say no outline which
is good know I need 4 of them so I’m going to press Control and drag make a copy and move it and these smart guys which are special only 2013 do will help me align these as well nice so I have four shapes which are looking like the logo but the colors are not right now the actual picture has gone behind
the shapes and I dont want to struggle with sent to back and bring to front so that is a beautiful option there in
home that bridge probably a Marxian its close
selection pane in or does it show you list of all
the objects on the screen whaorders at the bottom cover is actually behind so now I have selected but if I try to click on it to drag it
it it’s going to be a problem because when I click it’s going to click the shape and unselect that picture so I’m not going to touch the mouse this time is going to use keyboard cursor key to move it around no I word each of these shapes to have the corresponding color that is done by
going to Drawing tool and we’re going to this
thing called selection format shape I don’t need this selection
pain now so I’m going to remove it and now in format shape we have this solid fill
blue right well I wanted to use a different color
so i choose eyedropper which is a new feature in 2013 and then
click on the corresponding color that’s all you choose any color but it could be
using I durable in a bid that is a deluxe
selection in Powerpoint 2013 percent could be you real notice that the that there is an eyedropper as the
videos were doing to quickly pick up colors from anywhere so now I have this assembled version of the logo which looks exactly like the previous one so I’m weirder delete this picture no less look on these and animate them no order
the early warning biz I don’t want them to be static like this I want these four squares to come from
four corners and assemble themselves in the center which is going to have a nice visual
impact that is done by using animation of the type Motion Path now whenever you apply motion path but
what happens let me apply to the red one honored a real one whenever I Blair motion path it moves downward that the
default now that is the green thing there which
is the starting point and the red thing there which is the ending point so
what happens is I want to change this from here to here in 2013 you can see the starting and
ending position which is a very nice thing now this is good but this is reverse of what I want so instead of the blue work so instead of the blue that coming in it is going to go out No because that so animation works so now
in this case I want to right click on it and said reverse the animation path
in which case notice the green and that red reversed in the business
world is going to happen is going to come in but did you notice
what happened just now wordpress.org a originally when I run the slide the blue box were shown when I click the blue box was remove and then it came in from outside where
does that mean the original shape still remains I don’t
like that’s what I have to added one extra animation only
look at the animation pane right now that is normally there
motion path animation I want to add an animation
which says disappear now this animation is second click that not right I want to move it at the
first one and I dont want to click for it so I say start with previous event which happens to be showing the
slide itself no abundantly this should work but it
doesn’t because yes disappear work so the blue box is not shown on burger night click that animation on the blue box
from outside to inside is also not shown because technically speaking that box says disappear so now better toxic believe I need that box
to appear again so I select the box and add one more
animation called appear be a no notice I have three things first thing is
to disappear rich or which is what we work the second
thing is I want to go appear so I wore a ball and then while
it is appearing I want it to move to rule but not on a seperate click so start
with previous knowledge who are being a tremendous I
do get exactly what I work but now this is too slow and sluggish so I’m going to reduce this animation
duration: wrong orders it now right now it is two seconds I’m going to reduce it notice the mouse cursor to half the duration that’s likely
better but it is still going to look sluggish like this better than before but still
sluggish why is that happening because if you go to these things go our
effect options what happens here is there is something called acceleration and
deceleration which is taking most of the time so I don’t warn acceleration
deceleration but that is worried that interesting option called Bounce End and now I’m learned a lot this guide to
bounce at the end 1.9 or does that mean the actual
movement from outside the slide to inside the slide has just 0.1 second which means it is going
to be fast light-hearted look visually orders bounce end means look at this this effect is called bounce end it is snappy professional exciting being at this place very nice so all this we have just learned so now I want to
apply all this principle to all those shapes so I delete the animation
select all of them first step is to dissapear them and
then make sure that happens under slide show itself second step is to make them appear which is good and the third step is to put a motion path the job is they will go downwards no
motion path also have its own click the dollar mortgage services start with
previous and now only arrange them first from for
directions remembered I know this motion path by the
starting from the center and ending in the corner which is not what we want but we are just configuring the path you’re just confirming the buck once it
is done we will right click on each path said reverse path direction like this remember to click on each path
only the seamr the way said la bach so having done all this make sure all the Greens are correctly picturized right click and move path direction when all of them are gonna clear done real good green outside and inside you must make sure green is all outside now we have a good but this time we want that snappiness I’m where the Select All the animation
and then there were two workers effect option make it to you you know maybe the timing once again and then make their bounce end and wind mines sickness and that should give us a nice bouncy snappy professional people Microsoft logo ca

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