Print red and black label on QL810W – Macintosh® version

welcome today we’re going to look at how
to print a red and black label from your QL810W. this video will cover multiple
models and operating systems. even though your machine may not match the model on
the screen the overall process will be the same before beginning verify that you have
installed a printer driver as well as the Ptouch editor application. if you
are missing any of the software download it from brother-
you will also need to make sure you’re using a two-color compatible label. to
verify the two-color compatibility of a roll
check the label backing or the side of the spool we will begin by opening the Ptouch
editor on your computer click File. then click printer setup.
the printer setup window opens verify your printer model then click OK.
if the inspector utility is not open click the inspector icon click on the paper icon
and then click detect size to ensure the correct label size is selected.
next set to color mode to “on” this will change the print colors to read in black.
now let’s look at designing a color label. click insert click text add some text to your label then
highlight the text and use the color option and inspector to change the text
color you can choose from red black or white.
now Center your text to the top of the label. next let’s add a
frame and alternate its color. click insert.
click frame select the frame you want and then click
ok to change the frame color click the draw
icon in inspector change the line color you’ll notice the other color options
are grayed out these options vary depending on the type of objects
inserted into the label you can also add additional color
objects to your label. click insert and then select picture
and finally symbols to view the available objects once you add an object you can resize
and move it to fit the label. to change the color of the symbol select the
foreground option and pick your color. to add some color to your label click
format and then background from the drawing tab select a solid fill
pattern then move to the color tab and select the color from the foreground
option choosing the foreground option will fill the area inside the frame with
color click ok.
for a more stylized appearance you can insert other colored shapes into the
label for contrast once again click insert then picture
then simple for this label we will add a white
rectangle and apply some text within the shape.
you’ll need to adjust the size of the items to make them fit your label. you
can also adjust the text color for better contrast.
you’re now ready to print a label click file and then click print you may need to adjust your settings to
improve the color output once your settings are complete click
print the label will now print on your QL
printer for more tutorials FAQ’s in videos
visit us at if you found this video helpful be sure
to subscribe. thank you for choosing Brother

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One thought on “Print red and black label on QL810W – Macintosh® version

  1. Thank you 100 times. I was about to sell QL-800 away as it is not user-friendly to Mac. The little Brother has a forever home now after watching your video.

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