Print VDA-4902, AIAG, Galia, etc. Labels with TFORMer Designer

See for yourself how easy industry standard label printing can be. In this example a so-called VDA 4902 barcode label is printed with minimal efforts! VDA labels are in wide-spread use by automotive suppliers in Europe. After starting TFORMer Designer the start screen is shown. This screen contains shortcuts to often used standard labels. Choose the desired category by clicking on it. In the upcoming wizard select the required label template and double-click it. TFORMer displays the label layout immediately. Click on Preview to see what will be printed. To enter your own data activate the Data tab. You can change existing data or add data for additional labels. TFORMer Designer saves the last used data automatically. You do not need to re-enter it for each label printing session. Let’s activate the Preview again. Two pages are available. Now print the labels on your target printer. I hope this video was helpful and I encourage you to check out TFORMer Designer for yourself. Thanks for watching!

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