Printful: 5 ways to promote your brand

Your brand is everything! So here are 5 simple ways you can promote
your brand using Printful Branding services! You can upload your logo in black and white and we will add it to each one of your packages for free! Some T-shirts come with tear-away label and
can be used to print branded inside label. Mark your shirts as truly your own! If you want to choose a shirt that doesn’t
come with a removable tag, we offer you a chance to print your logo on the outside! This lets people notice your brand whenever
and wherever your garment is worn. Package will have your company name on it,
but our return address, so we can efficiently fix any mistakes. And if you rather use your own address,
you can do it too! Lastly, you can send us your custom branded
business cards, stickers or even flyers for storage and we will insert them in each of
your packages. For more info about services and their pricing,
visit our homepage and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! What are you waiting for – improve your brand
with Printful branding service! Hey guys, Wes here! Hope you are
ready to take your brand to the next level! Don’t forget to watch our other tutorials
and subscribe for more awesome content!

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16 thoughts on “Printful: 5 ways to promote your brand

  1. None of the printful products have the inside label option anymore! Why is that? Is there something wrong with the site right now?

  2. Can someone tell me how to add different size custom inside labels for say one shirt? Like if someone wants a S and someone else wants a L of the same shirt.

  3. I love the white label service that Printful offers, however with the major plastic crises we have at the moment, Printful needs to find a more sustainable packaging alternative. Each t-shirt is currently packed in not one but two single use plastics and we cannot ignore the fact that we are contributing to the issue here. This also doesn't help sustainable brands, which can do their best to partner with ethical clothing suppliers, but end up sending plastic packages. I already tried contacting Printful about this issue, but all I got was a link to log a feature request, which without many other business involved, will likely be overlooked. If you are a business and you care for the environment, please ask Printful to change the plastic packing to something more sustainable. If you are from Printful, please consider sending this feedback to whoever makes such decisions in your business. There are many options nowadays. Thanks!

  4. As a sustainable brand for me there's no way to send plastic to my final customer, I know theres a lot of brands out there with the same problem. Or willing to avoid plastic. Is it possible to take the plastic off from the process? paper envelopes? There's so many options right now. Please check this out you seem an awesome supplier.

  5. Thanks Wes

    What tips do you have for pricing our products if we add printed tags either inside or outside a product? How much do you add to end price so that we earn but still have the price attractive for the customer?

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