Product Hunt Review E10 (Monkey Test It, Nomad Projects, Logo Foundry) by Cleveroad Inc.

Hello and welcome to the Cleveroad Studio.
It’s great to see you here. We have some top new releases from Producthunt to share.
So sit back and get ready for the latest news. Imagine the situation – your shiny new website
is right there in front of you. It’s so beautiful and so reliable. You’re ready to
use it to its fullest. But. It’s just possible that somewhere within it’s depths are hidden
some small (or not) bugs or broken links. Fear not. There is a solution. Monkey Test
It is designed for the automatic testing of your website.
To check your site, you don’t need to create code. It is enough to link your site to monkey
Test, so that it can check for bugs. In fact, the presence of broken links on a
site can remain unnoticed. With the growth of your site, you may miss the fact that there
are links for deleted products or content, for example.
Monkey Test can help you find those places in your website and fix them.
There are five different types of monkey tester already available:
Skout Monkey for initial testing. It looks for broken images, CSS files, that sort of
thing. Boxer Monkey. For use with websites that have
lots of JavaScript, to find bugs in every page element.
Spider Monkey. Looks for dead links to avoid the appearance of 404 error pages.
Accountant Monkey. Takes care of your mobile users. It makes sure that your site is not
too heavy. Finally, there is Public Relations Monkey.
This works to help with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It also checks for fundamental
mistakes. The maker team are developing more and more
monkey Tests every day, to enlarge the App portfolio.
The developers are offering 4 choices to integrate Monkey Test It into your project. Follow the
link below for further information. Perhaps you have experienced a situation when
you have a brilliant idea for a project, but you can’t do it alone. In this situation
you need to look for a team. But this is not always easy.
After all, there are many resources on the Internet where professionals of different
spheres hang out together. Your task is to find the right ones for you among thousands
of candidates. Even when you have made your choice, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they
will want to get involved in a new project, or are available for new work.
Nomad Projects is designed to simplify this process.
With this service, you can find a team to bring the craziest ideas to life. So how does
it work? You register on the site and post your project
idea. It need not even be a full-time project. In the settings you can specify how much free
time you are able to commit to the development of the idea.
In addition, the resource provides protection for your idea, so that it’s not stolen.
By the way, you can invite an unlimited number of people into the team.
Then you wait for a response from interested nomads. With the help of the resource, you
can find really cool professionals that will help you navigate towards your final goal.
Having found the team, you start. And ta-da, you have a team of like-minded people and
the finished project. Now, do you have a new business, or an excellent
idea for rebranding? Want to save on an expensive designer or just make life easier? The Logo
Foundry team has created this opportunity for you.
With this application, you can create excellent logos for your business.
It is a simple editor with many tools that allow you to choose from a variety of font
options, images and colors to create the perfect logo.
In the application the following features are available:
3000+ symbols and icons. They can be filtered by category for a simpler search.
Dozens of fonts. With them, your brand will appear even more eye-catching.
Support for advanced text layouts. There are also professional layer management
functions. You can save the image in a variety of formats
for further use. You have the ability to create not only logos
but also pictures, icons and more. You are limited only by your imagination.
Create something truly unique that reflects your personality.
Well, that’s enough for today. Sign up for our channel to stay up to date. Catch you
later, for our next edition of Video Product review from Cleveroad.

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