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12 thoughts on “Professional Logo Design – Adobe Illustrator cc (Justime)

  1. Professional Logo Design – Adobe Illustrator cc (Justime)
    Here is another 3D Logo design, there are two font  j & t. The basic formation of this logo include the proper placement of 3D cube in an order. to create this logo first create the 2 dimension of the font i.e. J & T. then we will use the 3 d option to create the 3D object. We will use the color from the color preset to create the sense of depth. And then finally we add up the text. 
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  2. Pretty neat tutorial. You are doing impressive work.
    Are you using any plugin for corner rounding. (As you made a square with normal selection tool) corner rounding circles appeared in the square.
    (While I know by clicking "Direct Selection Tool" these round corners appears,
    in Ai CC)

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