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19 thoughts on “Pyro engraving my logo on wood

  1. Queda muy bien. Una pregunta. Cómo se llama el material gris con el que pegas la linterna de Matilda a su mano. O la lámpara a la mesilla. Gracias.

  2. Wow! Nunca me imaginé que se pudiera hacer un grabado en la pared de madera! Queda muy bien y todo ordenado parece un museo de lo ordenado que está, llegué un poco tarde al vídeo xD. Chau :3

  3. Howdy Edu!
    Nice channel, liked and subscribed.
    you have inspired me.
    I was a computer animator from its first days but now that im semi-retired, I want to try puppet animation.
    I have a question, I want to have a character hold a lit candle (light on face) and show a room by candle light.
    Any ideas on the practical lighting I would need to get the color and flicker both close up and filling a room?
    I will after effect the flame later.
    Thanks in advance
    Your pal

  4. I am using canon 700d camera, I am planning to use 50mm macro lens, can you give me advice on this lens? thanks for help.

  5. Keep it up I love your videos edu I really loved stop motion Especially with clay but I lost interest then I found your videos and now I'm animating again I like the logo it's well made

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