Quick Intro to Fragment, Union, Difference, Intersect – Create an advanced symmetrical symbol.

Hi everybody. This is Michael from Vecta
here. Today I’ll show you how to create an advanced symmetrical symbol on Vecta.
We’ll start by drawing a rather large circle. Let’s make it symmetrical and
then we’ll draw a smaller symmetrical circle inside of it. Kind of like a
doughnut! Then we’ll select both circles using shift and perform the difference
shape operation on them. Next, we’ll go and select a line tool and
draw a straight line splitting the left and half of the circles. And we’ll do the
same with the top and bottom half. We’ll next fragment the doughnut into four
pieces. We’ll go ahead and remove all but one piece to ensure that all the shapes
are perfectly symmetrical. Next we’ll go ahead and create a smaller circle on one
end of this piece. We’ll ensure that the circle symmetrical. Select the other
quarter piece and perform our shape operation. Union. We’ll then insert a
circle slightly smaller than one we just union We”ll unsure to select both shapes once
again and perform the difference shape operation. This time we’ll create the circle to be
slightly larger than the width of the piece. We’ll then select both shapes again and
this time perform a difference. This will subtract one shape from the
other and allow us to delete the unwanted piece. We’ll now create a box
just for as a guide this will ensure that our final shape is symmetrical.
We’ll select a piece that’s currently existing inside the square and copy it.
We’ll then have to move the shape to make sure it matches its original position
and from there we’ll do a rotation with the square..There ! It’s starting to take
shape we’ll perform the same operation again two more times to ensure that our
final symbol is a circle. Now we can remove the guiding square…
There! And will now select the entire shape. We’ll then rotate it a little bit to ensure that it’s in the angle that we
want…There! Our symbol is looking pretty good. Let’s add some color select a piece
of the shape you want to color in and select the color fill option from here
you can select from a wide multitude of pre-selected colors or create your own Let’s do a quick recap the fragment
shape operation is used to cut shapes into different segments splitting them
into smaller pieces like cutting a slice of cake. The union operation merges two
shapes into a single shape like joining two pieces of Lego or a jigsaw puzzle.
The difference operation is used to fragment shapes and move the overlapping
areas leaving only the difference like how you would imagine with a donut, you
cut away the center and keep its ring. The intersect operation is the reverse
of the difference operation. Only the overlapping shapes are preserved.
We hope you’ll have fun creating beautiful and complex shapes in Vecta.io if you have any questions or issues, Tweet us at Vecta.io. Happy drawing!

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