REAL BLIND TASTE TEST – Name Brand vs. Store Brand (Kroger)

Hi friends. I’m Tommy Edison. And you know when I start my day I like to have the breakfast of champions. Kelloggs Rice Krispies. It’s the right one, baby! [laughs] [music plays] Today we’re going to try something different. A blind taste test… with a real blind person. We went to the grocery store and picked out a bunch of foods. So I’m going to see if I can figure out which one’s the name brand and which one’s the store brand. [bell dings] We’re going to start with potato chips. So, one of these will be Lay’s Classic. The other Kroger Classic. Ready? We’ll start with this one. [crunch] Real potato flavor… and salt! [chuckles] That was a good one. That tasted like a real potato chip. You know, good potato flavor, salt, everything you want from a chip. Let’s try this one. [crunch] That’s one pretty nice too but I think I can taste a difference between them. I’m going to say this one right here is the name brand potato chip.
[bell rings, crowd cheers] Winner! Winner! Look at me go. [bell dings] All that salt. Now I need some sugar. One of these is going to be a Nabisco Oreo and the other’s going to be a Kroger Original Sandwich Cookie. Let’s try this one first. [crunch] That’s pretty good. The flavor was nice. The filling was good. The outside cookie part was nice. The whole thing. That was a good cookie. Nice sandwich cookie. So let me try one of these now. [crunch] Okay, this one is a little different. And I’ll tell you why. The crunch is little different the filling inside tastes a little different. I’m going to say that this one is the Nabisco Oreo Cookie. [buzzer]
No, not there! Oh my god. See, you fooled me. [laughs] Wow, I can’t believe it. That one was crispier than the Oreo. That’s a good cookie. That’s nice. Now they’re Oreo-No’s [laughs] Did you have to? [bell dings] Alright, I’m a little bit thirsty now so listen every good party’s got some root beer, right. Okay, one of these will A&W and the other’s going to be Big K Root Beer from Kroger. Alright, let’s start on this side. Let’s try this one first. Ooh, nice glasses. That one’s good. That’s a nice root beer. It’s got the nice head on it. Good flavor. Foamy. You know, the works. Alright, now let me try this one. Alright, this one doesn’t seem to have as much foam to it right, not as fizzy. It still got good flavor, but I don’t know. Obviously now the name brand, the A&W ought to be better than the store brand. So, I’m going to say… that this one is the name brand. This will be the A&W root beer. [buzzer] No! That one fooled me. Again, that got me. I don’t think I like this game. [laughs] I’m supposed to be good at this! [bell dings] Now it’s time for some treats. Alright, one of these will be Haribo Gold Bears. The original from 1922. And the other’s going to be Kroger Fruit Gummies. Alright, so this ought to be good. So let’s try… let’s start with this one first. The flavor is pretty good on this one. It’s tastes nice. The texture’s good. It doesn’t stick to my teeth too much. My dentist isn’t going to hate me. [chuckles] Alright, now let me try one of these guys alright. Here we go. Oh my god. Down the stretch they come. This is going to be a close call. That’s good. Ay yi yi. This is a tough call. Which one is going to be the original recipe since 1922? I’m going to pick this one, right here. [buzzer]
Come on! Aw, this game is rigged. [laughs] Well, let me blow one more of these and we’ll be done. [bell dings] So we have two bowls of cereal here. One of them is going to Kelloggs Rice Krispies and the other is going to be Crispy Rice from Kroger. Now I don’t like milk so I’m that weird guy who eats dry cereal, okay. So, let me just try this one first and we’ll give this one a shot here and see how we do. Mmm. Uh! [laughs] [crunch] Yeah, that’s good. I mean, it takes like breakfast. You know what I mean. That’s great. I like that kind. You know, if these bowls attack me, they’d be cereal killers. [laughs] Let me try this one now. Let me see what this one does. See if I could do this and not make as much of a mess as last time. Here we go. Alright. [crunch] To me, that one just doesn’t taste as good as the first one. It just, I don’t know, there’s something missing. The first one, I think, was a little bit more flavorful. The crunch was the same, but I just feel like the flavor was lacking in the second one. Therefore, I’m going to say that this bowl right here contains Kelloggs Rice Krispies. [bells rings, crowd cheers]
Yes! Oh my god. 2 out of 5. I guess I’ll go home from this game in the loser cruiser. [credits music] Ah, cereal… like a continuing drama. Oh, wait! Wrong serial.
[beep] What? Was that joke a little “Dahmer” than you thought? See what I did?! An actual serial killer joke. [beep]
That one was a real Boston strangler, wasn’t it?! [beep]
This is like the Valentine’s Day Massacre. I’m the one that got massacred. What’s this guy’s first name? Freddy? Freddy Kroger? Mmm? [mimics bad cricket noise) Ben, can you play a cricket sound instead of me doing the cheesy cricket noise? [cricket SFX]
Alright, that was great. [laughs]

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100 thoughts on “REAL BLIND TASTE TEST – Name Brand vs. Store Brand (Kroger)

  1. i mean he probably was fed off brand oreos his whole life and people that shop for him just copped the off brand. it's like dressing stevie wonder. hey stevie you look great! " thanks man."

  2. how about doing some guess the brand of beers, ie budwiser or holsten pills.. or fosters… ect πŸ™‚ great videos btw, keep em coming.

  3. Something about the intro makes me think of bob ross and now Im just happy.. This is bob ross reincarnated as a blind person

  4. I think what we learned here is not that you're bad at guessing, but that the store brands deserve a bit more credit πŸ˜›
    cuz really, you like what you like. It's not a matter of figuring out which is which, it's which do you prefer

  5. I live in Arizona. We don’t have an actual Kroger store but we hav Frys which is store that is owned by Kroger and sells everything Kroger so it’s basically the same store. I will say Kroger brand actually has pretty decent generic food brand unlike great value (Walmart) when it comes to dairy I usually prefer the Kroger over stuff like kraft and shamrock farms.

  6. If this is a blind taste test, then what's a double blind taste test? Is that when they use a real blind person but give them a blindfold anyway just to be sure?

  7. Usually the difference between a and w and a traditional root beer is actually less fizz and smoother taste. A&w is one of the most well-rounded root beers.

    Nabisco Oreos are usually slightly softer, and have more salt.

    Haribo gummy Bears have a well-known recipe, and generic types are usually pretty identical though often have more sugar, and a slightly less buttery flavor.

    The reason why Rice Krispies taste better is they have salt and malt flavoring.

    Usually lays makes better chips because they are slightly thinner, and cooked it a slightly higher temp. This can vary from factory to factory. it is simply cheaper to have machines that cut potato chips a little thicker and don't cook it such a high temperature. But we're talking absolute fractions of an inch.

  8. It looks like the A&W was not fresh. It looks like there was more in the store brand bottle than the A&W so it may have been a bit flat.

  9. Now I want to try Kroger cookies and root beer, but the nearest Kroger is 300 miles away from me. There's none near Boston.

  10. This goes to show that sometimes the placebo effect falls in place. It's basically you think something will be better or work better or something like that, and your brain tricks yourself into thinking it is. Basically taking a pill that supposedly works for a headache, the placebo effect can change your perspective, it might partially work, it might partially be in your head. What I'm saying is that he doesn't know which one is a rip-off, so he can guess either one without the placebo effect. Also, if you know it's just that effect, it won't work, usually at least.

  11. Tommy when he realized he's blind: I used to think my life is a tragedy

    Tommy now: But now I realize it's a comedy. He he hehe he !

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