REAL BLIND TASTE TEST – Target Brand vs. Name Brand

Roses are red, violets are blue. I ain’t eating ice cream anymore, so ha ha. [music plays] It’s time for another blind taste test with a real blind person. [music continues] And this time I’m going to see if I can tell the difference between brand name products and store brand products. The store brand is going to be Market Pantry. That’s the kind you find at all your target stores, right? You know, that’s the low price alternative. Let’s start with some chocolate chip cookies. Those are always nice, right? I’ve got the classic Chips Ahoy and I’ve also got the Market Pantry Crispy Chocolate Chip Cookie. So, I think I’ll start with this one. This chocolate taste is good. It’s a little salty but it’s a nice cookie. I like that. So now let me try the other one. That’s a nice cookie. That’s very good. Now, it’s got more of a cookie flavor to it. It is not quite as salty as the first one. It’s closer to homemade actually. So therefore I’m going to say the second cookie is the classic Nabisco Chips Ahoy cookie. [bell rings / crowd applauds]
Yes! See? It’s got more of the chocolate chip flavor. Like mother used to make. Of course mother’s kitchen was in a factory. [laughs] Mmm, all that snacking has made me hungry for more snacking. So let’s have something else – some peanut butter sandwich crackers. I like these. So on one plate there are Ritz peanut butter sandwich crackers. And on the other plate there’s Market Pantry peanut butter sandwich crackers. So I will start on my left. That’s really nice. That’s what you expect from a peanut butter sandwich cracker, you know. It’s got the salt on there. And the peanut butter. Gives you a little bit of dry mouth. Nice crunchy. Good texture. And good peanut butter flavor. I like that one. And now we can try the one on the right. Boy, and they both feel the exact same. Incredible. This one is a little crispier than the first. But it has less peanut butter than the first one does. So, that being said, I’m going to say that the Ritz peanut butter sandwich cracker is the first one. [bell rings / crowd applauds]
Yes! Oh my god. I’m on fire everybody. That second sandwich cracker you might say it really missed the “target.” It It’s time for something to drink. I’ve got two different kinds of pink lemonade here. I’ve got Minute Maid pink lemonade. And of course I’ve got Market Pantry pink lemonade. I will start with this one. Ooh, that’s nice. A little bit more tart on the back end. A little bit more of that lemon flavor. I noticed there’s no vodka in here, but ah… Oh, sorry it’s a lemonade thing. Okay, okay. Alright, so that was a pretty good one. Let me try this one here and see. That is kind of a different flavor. It doesn’t taste quite as lemony as the first one. It tastes a little bit different. So I’m going to say that the first one here is Minute Maid Premium Lemonade. [bell rings / crowd applauds]
Oh my god. OMG everybody. Three for three. You know, one of them tasted more like lemon Pledge than lemonade. I shouldn’t insult them. In front me I have two bowls of cereal. One of them is General Mills – the classic Cheerios. And the other is Market Pantry Toasted Oats. Just so you know, I’m that weird guy that doesn’t like milk. There’s one in every crowd, right? So I will start with this one. We’ll grab a nice spoonful here of dry cereal. Mmm, boy. That’s pretty good. It’s got that Cheerio flavor I remember. The texture seems a little funny. It’s seems a little not quite crunchy enough. It also tastes a little burned. I don’t know. So now let’s try the other one and see what we think. Alright, this one has a much better crunch to it. So therefore I’m going to say the second one is the actual General Mills Cheerios. [buzzer]
No?! Wow. Okay. Really? The first one — boy, those tasted burned. Target Pantry everybody. Save your money. Save the 30-40 cents – whatever it is. I’ve got to do this fast before they melt. So I’ve got ice cream sandwiches in front of me. Nestle’s ice cream sandwiches and Market Pantry ice cream sandwiches so let me get into this fast. These things will melt in a second. Oh, look, it’s a mess already. Oh my god. Alright, here we go. [laughs] That was pretty nice. The ice cream, I didn’t think there was a lot of ice cream in there. So that was good. So let me try this one. Oh my god. Oh, get out of the way, please. Oh, this is the worst catastrophe. Oh my god. Boy, that’s hard to say. The second one’s got a weird little flavor on the back end of it. Almost like a coffee kind of a thing. So I’m going to say that the first one is the actual Nestle’s ice cream sandwich. [buzzer]
No! Ahhh… Stupid. See, if it was a good humor ice cream sandwich I would have been able to tell right away. [music plays] Ice cream sandwiches… melts in your hand. And in your mouth. Now I know why my parents hated taking me for ice cream when I was a child. [laughs] Don’t touch the walls kid, you got chocolate fingers. If you’re curious about anything to do with blindness or my life, feel free to leave your question right there in the comments below. Now, if your not sure if it’s been asked, just go to our channel on YouTube and then right where it says “About” there’s an option to search the channel. A little magnifying glass there. Click on it and enter some keywords and see whether or not your questions been answered. How do I know I it’s a magnifying glass. Ben told me. [laughs]

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44 thoughts on “REAL BLIND TASTE TEST – Target Brand vs. Name Brand

  1. I used to not be too fond of milk either, growing up, but I eventually got used to it. Still, I very rarely drank it, and now I drink almond milk with whatever I'm using/drinking it with.

  2. I love how funny he is. Good ol' Tommy, always telling jokes. But he always makes me laugh and puts a smile on my face which is why I keep coming back to watch him. His positivity is incredibly contagious. He is such a gem and anyone who is lucky enough to have Tommy a part of their life should appreciate him while you can and just be thankful that you have someone who's incredibly funny and positive in your life. Tommy, you're awesome please keep up the awesome videos.

  3. You should make more blind tests like this. I know you're a picky eater, but I'm sure you'll find some stuff to compare

  4. You seem like you don’t care that you are blind and just laugh at it and make jokes about it. I wish I looked at my disability like you look on your disability. You are an inspiration to people with any sort of disability. You should make audio books or something.

    I absolutely hate my stutter.

  5. Just thought of this. Since you always have you eyes closed, you could sleep during lectures and fool the professor.

  6. I want to see more of this but with different brands! Please make a video with maybe Raleys/Bell air, or another store brands!

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