Rebrand vs Brand Refresh – What’s the difference?

– During the lifespan of your brand, there may come a time when you need to do a brand refresh or even a rebrand. But what’s the difference between the two? Well, today I’m going to quickly explain what the differences are. So let’s start with a rebrand. So let’s pretend that
the brand is a person. When you go through a
rebrand, you can do things like change your name,
have plastic surgery to completely change your features and also develop a whole new personality. So even if you’re still
selling the same product or delivering the same service, to anyone who dealt with the brand before it would come across as if
it was an entirely new brand. So what would be the reasons
that you would want to go through a rebrand? Well here’s a few. You might have gone through an
ownership change or a merger. You may want to change
the brand’s direction or its core values. Or maybe something’s
happened which has damaged the reputation of your brand so you need to completely distance yourself
from that reputation damage. Going through a rebrand
can take quite some time and also be expensive. You’re not only changing the
logo and the branding materials but you may have to do market research, come up with a completely
new brand strategy, messaging, taglines, slogans,
there’s a lot going on. And you need to take into consideration, if you have vehicles and other assets, they will all need to have
new branding applied to them. So what about a brand refresh? Well if we do the same again and think of the brand as a person, when it comes to a brand refresh that’s like them having a new haircut or a new lipstick colour,
or a change of clothes. They’re still the same person underneath but they just got a fresh new look. When it comes to a brand
refresh it isn’t nearly as intensive as a full rebrand. Some reasons to go through
a refresh would be, modernising an old, outdated logo design. Refreshing the typography
and your colour pallet or updating some taglines and slogans. Or maybe you want to target
a different demographic and you need to just
make a very slight tweak to your branding to attract
that specific audience. So you can see that there are
some fairly big differences when it comes to a brand
refresh or a rebrand. The main differences
are the time and expense that would go into each of those. With the refresh it should be
quicker and less expensive, with a full rebrand then
you’re going to need to invest a significant amount of time and budget in order to shift everything
over to the brand new look that you’re bringing to your
business or your organisation. If you think your business or
organisation needs a rebrand or a refresh but you’re not
sure where to get started, then drop me a line and
I’d be happy to have a chat with you about that. Hopefully you found this video useful. If you have, give it a thumbs up. Subscribe to my channel if
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time, stay creative.

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4 thoughts on “Rebrand vs Brand Refresh – What’s the difference?

  1. This video helped alot . Until now i really didn't knew that there was a difference b/w a rebrand and a brand REFRESH
    Thanks cheerssssss

  2. Thank you for making this video, am struggling a little with my project which I thought was rebranding, but now that I watched your video, it is more towards refreshing a brand. Now I kind of have an idea of what to do for my project. Thank you again! Also, I like that you're straight to the point, everything on YouTube has been very clickbaity with 1 minute of intro, 6 minutes of unnecessary content and 2 minutes of the actual answer. Really appreciate the straight to the point content!

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