Rolling Sky – Happy Birthday | 6-Stars

Rolling Sky – Happy Birthday | 6-Stars Level

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100 thoughts on “Rolling Sky – Happy Birthday | 6-Stars

  1. APK:
    Huge thanks to Mingang for providing APK:
    Rolling Sky Fan Community: ​

  2. Tưởng game rolling sky không còn map mới nữa làm tôi xóa game mất rồi.
    Tất cả ải nào cũng chơi full.lỡ xóa rồi
    Tiếc quá 😭

  3. There’s Candy, Neon, E-Labyrinth, 1UP, Circus and you got the flipping tiles from Cube and Matrix, and got the Mystery Boxes from Cube, 1UP, 8-Bits, and Matrix. 😍😍

  4. 0 Stars – Tutorial
    1 Star – Very Easy
    2 Stars – Easy
    3 Stars – Medium
    4 Stars – Hard
    5 Stars – Very Hard
    6 Stars – Extremely Hard

  5. This is the best level ever! The most thing i like about it is the cake, the thing that cannot be missing in each birthday party!
    I love it because it's yummy!

  6. this is a anniversary level with their levels at one level.

    need a food:
    need a puzzle:
    need a clown:
    need a music:
    need a games:
    1up (8-bits)

    And this is all 5 levels in a one level.

  7. How do you finish this so quick? Too good. I just got 63%!
    Edit: Yay, I finished Happy Birthday! Thanks for the video Tuan Nguyen!

  8. Stars: 6
    Rated: The best
    – Candy
    – E – Labyrinth
    – Circus
    – Neon
    – 1UP or 8bit
    Soundtrack: Marvelous!
    Hard: Ok i give up

  9. Happy Birthday to you…
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday!
    Happy Birthday…
    Happy Birthday to you!

    On this day i will never forget
    Those memories we had together
    All i want to say
    That i’m so happy
    Thank you you guys very much!

    Beware of obstacles!
    Careful with you life,
    You hate to die!…
    And it’s the same to me!
    Move to the other tile
    Or you will fall down
    This is a party,
    So be happy!

    And happy birthday to you…
    Hope you will be success!
    I just want to say so!
    Happiness come to you!…

    How i can forget…
    Those old days…
    It all started from a level,
    Even it’s very easy…
    In the 3 years!
    I have been through…
    I will never forget this!…

    Many things happen in here
    You always fail, at the first moment
    But it fun, not to be lie
    Video games like this
    Will get you triggered
    Just like easter eggs
    Now for the fun begin
    Everybody ready!…
    Cause we having a loud birthday!

    But i want you to happy
    That’s warming like the cake
    Tears of happiness
    All i can say in this anniversary
    Is i wish you a happy birthday!!!

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