Russell Brand On Recovery From Addiction And His ‘Villainous’ Baby Daughter | Megyn Kelly TODAY

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100 thoughts on “Russell Brand On Recovery From Addiction And His ‘Villainous’ Baby Daughter | Megyn Kelly TODAY

  1. He talks like a waterfall but if you listen throughly a lot of it doesn’t make much sense. He simply mixes some things that make sense with platitudes, adds some unconnected thoughts, stirrs it up and then pushes it out in a maniac speed.
    In between he charms the ladies with unexpected compliments and also likes to confuse them with intimate insinuations and hot flirtation. I remember an interview with Mika Brezinski (I know the correct spelling is somehow different) where he told her she shouldn’t lean over bc. he could see down her blouse and men had needs. After that he kept the heat up and obviously enjoyed how she lost her calm.

  2. What does Russell say at the end at 10:35? “You are a true human being ………” then I can’t hear what he says and Megya laughed so happily

  3. One single spontaneously act of kindness has more value than wealth or fame……the brand has experienced some sort of gnosis

  4. Two Narcissist “HELPING” Others???? 😂. What a joke, does this mean they are Cured from their obsession of themselves??? He just wants a reason to make the talk show circuit, he loves to watch himself on camera!!

  5. I love Russell Brand. He speaks so eloquently and so fast, us Americans can barely keep up. Lol. He is so inspiring. I definitely will be purchasing his book.

  6. He is brilliant and so articulate. His intense energy is used for such healing and good where one could easily see other folks with this kind of energy who go dark and create dangerous cults. What a refreshing, recovering teacher with superb humor!

  7. At 5:26 hes amazed tht an interviewer actually read and cared abiut his book and interview. .. i dont like ms kelly but mad props for treating Russell like the amazing person he is!

  8. You all would not believe we as a society are so caught up in reliving the sixties, mournfully missing the concept of hippy peace love and such….that we can't move on, and just be us, in the many diversity ways of life that we are. Move on People.

  9. Man is cruel, Man is loving….its not ever going to be just a loving world, we will always have both, this will be our lives, its called being human, the full boat….not the half boat, or the fake boat.

  10. I would love to meet this man, I think i'm becoming addicted to him, I love hearing him talk especially about being married his daughter and their chickens and their bees.

  11. Look at Megyn impressing Russell Brand with her interview skills. He usually subtly makes fun of the interviewer. He's actually engaged in this one.

  12. He got to her! I don’t think anything happened between the 2 , maybe if they were both single. I think sometimes you say something genuine and the other person knows you are being genuine. He is child like in the way he says things so I think it genuinely touched her.

  13. Russell is a true genius and so down to earth, I'm working to be more mindful through therapy in order to live a more calm and authentic life

  14. Once I saw Megyn Kelly I‘ve found my answer to that random question people keep asking “what famous person would you like to go out for dinner with?“
    It’s her 100 %.

  15. Such a beautiful soul. Amazing being. What I wouldn't give to spend at least and hour in his presence and pick his brain. So enlightened. You can see how compassionate he is just by the way he looks at ppl when he talks to them.

  16. I'd not heard of this man. Having watched his talk with Parliament and this video, I just ordered one of his books. Thank you. 🙂

  17. Russell has such a good message, especially choosing to speak to others with dignity and kindness. Great interview!

  18. Who says drug addicts are nothing but useless junkies?!
    There are so many of us who have much more to offer in this life, if only given the opportunity to be heard.
    I've met many addicts myself who were so gifted and talented in many ways and a few I might even say had genius minds.
    never judge what you don't understand.
    This man is the perfect example of a classy gentleman and genuine human being. People could learn a LOT from him (especially the big orange baffoon in the White House)

  19. She plays like if she is an angel but when you see her past interviews in fox news mainly about Palestinian conflict, she was a real devil
    Russell was always on the side of Palestinians and peace.. Why she didn't attack him or she is not paid to do it this time?

  20. Russel has mastered the art of dropping compliments within phrase in order to disharm and charm the host, Its Working every time on these American chat shows.

  21. Wow, imagine how much smarter he would’ve been without all the damage of drugs and alcohol. Kudos to him for the self-realization he’s experienced. 👏🏽

  22. I can see why Americans like Brand….hes quirky positive and has charisma… a Brit we can see through him.Hes a showman really like Milo…a court jester….underneath theres not a great deal of depth…its all a bit 'superficial'…hence his attraction to Americans……

  23. He is spot on about meditation. Unfortunately he also spreads the false notion that 12 Step recovery is effective, despite the fact that it is now known that such programs have the success rate of a placebo (i.e. they don't actually work. People stay clean in spite of them, not because of them.)

  24. I was an alcoholic and meditation woke me and changed my life!!!! Bless him, hes wonderful for sharing his life!!!! I love this!!!

  25. Meghan did a great interview with a highly intelligent, funny comedian who has an important message! I miss Meghan. Most host simply flip through a quest’s book. Not Meghan. She’s always prepared.

  26. The authentic and true Russell. How much courage does he show speaking his truth, not hiding. You are helping me so much. Thanks.

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