Russell Brand Rants At Fox News ‘Savages’ & You’ll Totally Agree Why

Russell Brand is the British comedian and political firebrand I guess and he gets worked up about politics a couple times a year this week he got worked up over the rant of judge Jeanine Pirro a Fox host who attacked President Obama for pretty much everything in his foreign policy here is a sample of what she said that got him so worked up the truth there has been a 60% increase in radical Islamist terrorism since you’ve been in office and you just keep letting these guys out like the Bergdahl trade and the five terrorists you didn’t have the balls to try and get more federal court you were simply clueless a paper tiger who only knows how to cut and run and here’s the kicker there have been reports that say Isis was trained by US instructors at a secret base in Jordan to prepare them to fight President Assad as rebels since the Benghazi massacre reports are that the annex was a front for CIA operation shipping arms to the anti-assad forces through Turkey it’s your affectless week foreign policy on the world stage that is creating a danger zone for all Americans you and Hillary arms and trained terrorists and gave them true battlefield experience and then you did a cut and run in Libya and Iraq leaving our weapons behind the irony mr. president it will be with our taxpayer-funded weapons that they will be coming for us jesus self-parody it’s like I thought that was a joke now it’s like an SNL was onion doing on video yeah so we’re obviously gonna get all worked up about this but let’s give Russell Brand his chance he’s worked up to here’s the first clip of Russell Brand Isis is a fanatical religious terrorist organization fanatical terrorists propagandist organization listen reason the boys it by the way she’s talking bomb their bomb them imagine but she’s worse like when they’re you see them videos of someone we were rifle she’s doing it she’s just doing of a city backdrop she’s the Savage she’s totally spouting savage values it’s a pretty good quote there at then and yeah it’s a good point just because she has a nice desk in front of her and a nice backdrop behind her she gets to say stuff that’s every bit as crazy as what Alex Jones and Glenn Beck say online every single day but it has the air of respectability look Russell went over the top but first of all I love him I think he’s totally right and I’m glad he did it right because he makes a really interesting intellectual point there she in a part of that segment was talking about bom bom bom bom right about my problem muslims in general okay okay pick a country right and and that actually has been our official position with the neo cons during the Bush administration and they’re still on TV espousing those points he’s like wait now the Muslim terrorists a bomb a bomb Obama just because you sit in a Fox News studio in New York and you say bom bom bom it doesn’t really make you that different right and we’ve got bigger bombs right so it’s a terrific point on his part and look she’s so hypocritical in a hundred different ways she’s I looked into her I’m like where’s she from right this FoxNews loves to get people of color to hate on people of color right so it turns out she’s Lebanese and she’s Christian she’s Christian Lebanese so paper tiger and cutting and running which she said to three times their Ronald Reagan cut and run from Lebanon we had over 200 Marines die there right and what a Ronald Reagan do he cut and run and these people are like Oh Ronald Reagan he had balls right no he didn’t he’s a classic cut and run guy whereas Obama actually stays in these wars way too long I mean we’re sitting for in Afghanistan for almost two decades thanks Obama what always amazes is how brazen they are in their lying right so if you look at Obama’s foreign policy it’s just an extension of what Bush did I mean you look at kill this drone strike signature strikes the surge in Afghanistan NSA spying I mean you’re gonna sit there and say that Obama’s not doing it he said it is gonna close Gitmo he didn’t close Gitmo so like what more do you want he’s just lying and Isis is not you know a calm peaceful organization we all know that but this is the type of fear-mongering that got us into Iraq in the first place we didn’t find weapons of mass destruction we lost many many lives as a result of that and it’s just crazy to me that people can be able to go on cable news save the things that she’s saying absolutely no fact-checking and it’s totally fine one quick note on one other fact does she mention fact she’s like oh and in Benghazi they were training there do you know Isis what the weapons are the Jordan right well that would mean that ambassador Stevens was in cahoots with Isis are you saying the Ambassador who died in that tragedy in Benghazi was working with the terrace is that what Fox News just claimed Wow that seems like that’s a real scandal that you would claim such a terrible thing I thought they were so concerned about ambassador Stevens and the three other people that died in Benghazi now they’re accusing him working with terrorists hey thank you you’re talking points before you start spouting off you idiot so again this is what happens so legal Wow she’s already a parody of herself you can’t even make funny it’s like it is funny how crazy over-the-top she is and again the reason why so I’d the IRS scandal Benghazi this it’s because Barack Obama his policies are the policies they would do and they got a criticized him anyway so they gotta make up because he’s doing everything that they would have done he his foreign policy just like Emily just laid out his his a big brother state in at home his foreign policy it’s the same as theirs he was against the Supreme Court decision nine nothing about the cellphones I mean Barack Obama’s policy that he is what they want to do and that they still have to criticize them so they just have to make up and this is a perfect example of that yeah so let’s get another example of the rant from Russell Brand in this clip the truth there has been as 64 and increase in radical Islamist terrorism since you’ve been in office what did that system start of like addressing Barack Obama happy sad is just a gala to give you rest love Michelle’s banana got me there’s justice judge Jeanine spirulina their kids are pissing me off and you just keep letting these guys out like the Bergdahl trade and the five terrorists you didn’t have the balls to try and get mo or federal court you were simply clueless oh yeah what are you gonna do with that pink want to smell my ass sniff my bumper that obviously was part of a campaign I don’t think he was being perfectly honest at the end there does got a bit like to you a to you though you know I like that he’s breaking down the clips like we do except he’s only about 90 times funnier okay I wouldn’t come up with a sniffing – bum bum

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100 thoughts on “Russell Brand Rants At Fox News ‘Savages’ & You’ll Totally Agree Why

  1. Wow, laughing at someone’s turrets syndrome, I said before you guys are like trump and you don’t see your the same, is that why trump does it?

  2. Only thing more low IQ and moronic than Young Turks are their viewers…Baaaaaaahhhhhhh says the sheep!!! Lmao. Independent thought, and independent research….2 things low IQ leftists are incapable of doing….*mic dropped*

  3. I'm trying to figure out how she became a judge? Now I see why trump likes her. She's an unrequited lover! Somebody who wanted him and he never acknowledged her existence. Her desk might be under trumps desk! You think?

  4. We will hunt every fox cheap actors , they are trisonis and betrayer of USA.
    They will never work again in America.
    We should persecute them and condemn them to exile with all there family members , we don't need racist idiots in USA.

  5. Oh! Stop everything! Russell Brand…the vulgar mouthed, Christian hating, British, sometime actor and x husband of Katy Perry is speaking. His views are always important. I know you can't help wetting yourselves when you hear him trashing Republicans

  6. That's why Whoopi Goldberg cuss her ass out on The View. Somebody should put there foot in her face she don't know what you talking about. This ugly old wrinkled ass bitch is talking shit she knows nothing about. Why do these motherfuckas get to talk about Barack Obama which was one of the best presidents in the world, and she don't talk about that stuff like this low life so bitch wanna be President Trump motherfuker can't make a decision from day-to-day ignorance unintelligent stupid blow job of a man talk about that incompetent motherfucka and the job he's not doing for America. Making sure he got Putin dick up his ass and swinging in his mouth talk about that if you want to talk about something old stupid ass ignorant bitch on this no news worthy Fox & Friends.

  7. Radical Islamic terrorist increased by 60% since Obama took office. My cat also went potty during that time too. See the connection?

  8. That was in 2014.

    Look how tables have turned 2018.

    PS: Do these guys in the panel look back at what they talked in the past….shame on all of you, including Brand.

  9. Oh whats wrong? Now that someone finally has the balls to say whats really going on with amerika you guys just laugh at her and say fox news is bad😒

  10. I can not believe that wicked witch was a judge. The wicked witch still has the nerve to call herself one. They need to go back and review every case she ever resided over. I can’t imagine the poor guy who had to stand before her especially if he/she was wrongly convicted. I wonder how many people she over sentenced with her super biased opinions. Karma is bitch though. She will get what is coming to her. Mark these words.

  11. This turk guy loves to cast stones at other peoples glass houses
    as regards what he sees as their stupidity. Watch as he shows who
    the real moron is, "You don't have the balls" mocking judge Pirro.
    But the juvenile impersonation shows how ignorant he is.
    Pity the man. He is truly suffering from Trump derrangement syndrome.
    The point Jenine Pirro made is lost on him it is over hs head so all he can
    do is to try to make fun of it.

  12. 😂😂😂😂😂😂l can't believe this is the news in America😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂WOW I'd rather watch cartoons.

  13. Fox is not news. Its OPINION. That judge jeanine has no journalism degree. She is just a nasty loud mouth whose husband even couldn’t stand her. Understandable. Stokes fear and hate. Not to mention. Her husband and her were heavily funded by trump back in day so she owes him… she’s a shill and a dangerous one at that. Don’t believe me… google her.

  14. Pirro is a caustic lying cu*t. Look into her history. She and her husband have a very sketchy history. Like the faux news owners, it’s all about money.

  15. It's funny to read the comments picking apart her looks when she spews the truth over and over again she should run for president

  16. I’m a muslim and i hate isis as much you people do because isis is not a muslim organisation they’re terrorists they kill innocent people and islam is not like that at all islam taught us whoever kills a human kills entire humanity.. y’all are too much uneducated about islam i swear!

  17. What LMAO how are y'all so blind to what's happening LMAO once the whites are gone who is the next problem before you realize that in actuality your the problems. Gonna tear yourselves apart.

  18. 4.2 millions subscribers that are lost and brainwashed so sad this is the way our world is going. Once you get rid of all whites who will be there to support all of y'all? If majority of the left doesn't work and gets shit for free how will y'all continue if nobody will wanna work system will collapse.

  19. Got a simple idea why dont we separate the county half side goes the libtards and the rest go to the right and see and show the world which system works and which fails.

  20. What She Said ? Dumb bitch Ísis is bush fault and they treined the terroristes to make a cu but it isnt Obama fault its Bush fault .and now a days Trump spends 40 billions dollars on single boat …and doesnt CARE about theyr owb people only rich people

  21. This woman clearly does not understand the twisted and long-standing history of Iraq, Kuwait, the US, the UK, and Russia..

    People need to open their eyes and see correlations between events that continually repeat themselves.

    Every 10 years since 1960 there has been a catalyzing event which has been used to justify US military intervention in this specific area of the world.

    The Boogeyman has changed, but every single time the formula is the same.

    Now we have our freedom of privacy stripped, our personal information monetized, and we are fed a story with the same formula, except now there is a nameless faceless enemy that can justify perpetual war.

    Per-petrol War.

  22. Pirro is a super fine, well built, beautiful nit wit, who I loved to watch when she had her judge show then I seen her on Fox & just kould not believe this was the same woman, where'd that wisdom, impartiality go 2, then I googled her networth smh

  23. Obama did train isis soldiers to fight in the worst civil war in decades against a country which was at peace and now has been totally destroyed.

  24. This is judge who until now is bitter for not being pick for president . She so jealous of Clinton because she was chosen. She's an immigrant .

  25. This didn't age well: "ISIS was trained to fight President Assad"

    You mean the same President Assad that used (allegedly) chemical weapons against his own people at the behest of Vladimir Putin in exchange for the lifting of Russian sanctions imposed because of Crimea and Ukraine? That President Assad? They can't even keep their false flags and political manipulations straight. Maybe that's why the hiring process at Fox News resembles a revolving door.

  26. They all lie, lie, lie and dramatize, dramatise, dramatize …. i yiyi … mountains from mole hills, lies/BS … Help us all …

  27. This crazy bitch is so jelouse of Hillary that her crazy eyes can't see straight. Who started that war in Iraq? Killed thousands of Americans so Dick Chenny could make money.

  28. "Judge" Pirro is one of Fox's very worst. Our one comfort is that eventually that sexagenarian harpy's face (and other)lifts and hair dyes will eventually fail on her.

  29. The ONLY reasonable Journalist on Fox News is Tucker Carlson! However, Tucker Carlson doesn't dare to go all the way in his criticism of the Warhawks in the Trump-administration.

  30. Cenk you literally made fun of people with Tourette’s Syndrome but in your mind it’s ok because it suites your narrative. I can’t stand her or Fox News but you have no right to claim moral high ground over anyone because what you just did there was reminiscent of trump mocking the disabled journalist.

  31. MSNBC, ABC and CNN are also lying, deceiving, propaganda machines just there for the money and the power

  32. All the networks are only interested in ratings they will said ans use any moron that will create fear and controversy there only interest is $$$$$$$$ the sad part is the de mases will follow wherever shit they said and believe is real and facts

  33. The invasion of iraq was a skeam to make the national reserve bank to give a open check to politicians the only way to get that is by creating the support of the public true fear using the media and creating a conflict so they can get the hands on the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ to any cost

  34. Fox is rabid corporate/militarist propaganda of the worst kind. They don't even pretend to be impartial. They bang the drums of war and then invite military contractors to explain how some US fighter bomber bristling with napalm and cluster bombs can slaughter whole villages in someone else's country. Did I get my rocks off when Kim had his nukes trained on the White House lawn… It was Yanks shitting themselves for a change. I say to all countries under US targeting… Nuke arm yourselves, it's the only thing these rabid occupiers and plunderers respect. Deals they break at will… Just ask the Iranians, the Venezuelans… or native Americans.

  35. FOX on the run, anyone with half a brain can see the hate they have promoted with totally misleading non factual news. Russel Brand is spot on for criticising the brain dead Fox reporters who upon my fact checking have repeatably made up non factual statements to deter democratic support. Simplest way the public can voice their disapproval is to avoid that network completely. Did you know that Fox was formed by republican media consultants by none other than owner Rupert Murdock who’s methods of obtaining news are radical.

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