Ryan Learns Brand Identity: Ryan Learns Something Episode 3

Best Buy, Toys R Us, IBM, Lego, Ebay, Dove, who the hell knows I don’t know these other ones either but
I mean that’s crazy right you’re just looking at a letter This episode I’m going to learn what
goes into building a brand identity I don’t know much about creating a brand
from scratch. Elements of a brand identity I’m guessing here of course. Name it, make
a logo, make the logo bigger. Wordmark colors, how the brand talks, I don’t know what goes into it but I’m
excited figured out. The things I want to learn about brand identity is like how
do you come up with the ideas for a logo? you know, what colors say about a company? In the video world we have so many ways to tell the brand story but how do you
do that in the way that you can actually portray what the same things are for
like the logo and the feel of the brand? How do you do that on the video
side? So this episode I’m going to go back and read all this stuff that
I’ve got. We’re going to go to New York for two days attend the Brand New
Conference. Talk to the founders and the experts that are going to be there interview them, and see what goes into
building a brand identity that’s a hard word to say- identity. We all know what a brand used to be, but
what is a brand now? These days just about anything can be a part of a brand’s
identity- from a tweet, to a concert to some guy getting shot out of the thing over another thing
a brand’s identity is not just a logo website or business card anymore. For some brands color is a huge part of their identity like UPS and brown it’s not just any brown, it’s a very
specific pantone color called Pullman Brown and UPS has it trademarked. Same with Tiffany’s robin’s egg blue and
the Home Depot’s orange. Target’s red, even the Minion’s yellow -sorry kids. While it makes sense for
brands to protect their identities some are a bit more aggressive than
others. Like when Louis Vuitton unsuccessfully sued “Chewy Vuitton” dog
biscuits, or when The North Face had to settle out of court after trying to sue
the pants off of The South Butt. Some brands are finding out that
it’s better to be lenient, even encouraging consumers to play with their
brand identity. Doritos has made it a tradition to
crowdsource their Super Bowl commercials that’s a whole lot of tortilla chips, or
Scion which embraces the aftermarket industry. Lego is particularly good at this. They have a website where fans can submit their own designs to be put into production top designs right now include the
Titanic, the International Space Station and the Ghostbusters headquarters. It just goes to show that Lego knows it’s
brick is just as important, maybe more important, than the logo. But
some brand identities just don’t need to be that fluid. Look
how little the Ford logo has changed since 1909 same with Starbucks, though their latest
rebrand is a little different, and you probably noticed Uber rebranded recently. Brand identity has become such an important part of our culture that any change or update is now big news, which is kind of
crazy, but it makes sense. Logos are some of the most recognizable
symbols in the world so it’s no wonder we treat them like celebrities they basically are. A quick image search
for logo tattoos comes up with a disturbing amount of results, showing
just how obsessed with brand identity we really are. From a logo on letterhead, to
a logo on someone’s forehead, that’s a taste of how far brand
identities have come. As you guessed there is a ton of stuff out there on design so
I thought I’d just show you my favorite things I’ve found and a couple key points
from each one. made it to New York Let’s check out the city Well we had to do the tourist trap
stuff right? heading to the Brand New Conference. This
conference is pretty cool it’s run by the guys that run the Brand New
blog this is going to be like drinking
branding from fire hose. I think this whole conference is going to just be
about making the logo bigger that’s all that designers do right? I
think the best part about their blog though seriously is reading the comments
section there’s lots of trolling going on so I
think we’re going to try and meet some of the trolls today. Let’s go check it out. In the conference I mean you’re surrounded by the best of the best designers, like people from the top
design agencies in the world. We’re at this conference and you’re, you know, rubbing shoulders with them. Honestly just being around these people
and talking to these designers about how they do their craft, I thought that was
probably the coolest part about this learning experience. What makes a good brand identity? I think
something that’s iconic and simple and bold and also translate well across a lot of
medium. It’s continuity, and it’s a mark that translates well into different
scales. You know you’re really trying to create
a voice for the company right How you want others to portray you not just visually but the feeling you
get when you you know, when you talk about the brand. The way I would do it is just like
finding that one word that kind of defines you and just kind of building everything around
that one word. A brand is a person so you need to know the inner workings of the
person before you can dress them or like, show what they look like. I love just being surrounded by
designers and kind of you know talking design, getting ready with people and then seeing the great professionals that have so much experience. I feel like I just come back to work
like really refreshed and excited. Are you one of the trolls on Brand New,
on the site? Occasionally, yeah I try not to be. I
try to like balance it, a couple good things, then one bad thing. I’m always
thinking it not not trolling it, hopefully. What are some resources that you
find for learning about brand? Take online courses. This website, Brand New, is a huge source of learning for me. I read books, just online surfing, reading
articles, that gives you current learning and current trends. [Armin]: Brand New started in 2006
it’s a blog – it’s a little bit of a mix [Armin]: of generating content, designing things, creating products, selling them [Armin]: maintaining some blogs that we have and
[Bryony]: events like today [Armin]: yes [Bryony]: It’s everything you have as a user of that brand. Any touchpoint, be it from advertising to [Bryony]: the logo to any brochures [Bryony]: anything that makes you experience that brand. [Armin]: To me the brand is [Armin]: the experience the logo is the thing that you see, the identity is the stuff around [Armin]: that logo and the brand is the
experience that completes the whole thing. [Armin]: I think the ones that stand out
are the ones that are genuine that [Armin]: they’re not trying too hard [Armin]: you know I could say well go to design school but there’s a lot of people that [Armin]: are self-taught [Bryony]: yeah well getting the software and playing with it, but it’s also just looking in [Bryony]: books looking around [Bryony]: I mean just walking down the street here in New York, you can start to see all the [Bryony]: different brands across, you know from the smallest bodega to the giant Apple store. [Armin]: I think with graphic design a lot of
people mistake it for art [Armin]: In that there’s a mode of self-expression of some kind and it’s not, I mean graphic design [Armin]: should be a very objective thing that you’re giving solutions based on [Armin]: rational decisions and considerations that you’re making. A lot of brands now [Armin]: have to live in motion [Armin]: making sure that a brand operates
properly in motion is a really important part [Armin]: and something that, you know, is not just a specialty. It has to be something [Armin]: that you just offer by default pretty much. Definitely a fun
event glad, I got to go check it out. Some stuff that stood out to me though is that a lot of it is based on psychology and you know the mind, and how much goes into coming up with concepts and going and studying art and you know finding other ways of being
inspired with your designs. it’s not just throw a logo together it’s you know what is the voice like? How does the brand move? What are the
colors how does the brand talk? How does it feel? It’s how the brand
interacts with people like a human would and that’s really crazy, pretty
cool. Okay, there’s not like one right way to brand a company but there is a right
way to brand a company and the right way is to do it organically and make it- you can’t force the brand- and it has to be at every touch point of the company. While I definitely respect how a logo and a brand are created now, but I definitely am more opinionated now that I know the process
and what to look for to critique too. When I got back from New York I had the cool
opportunity to talk to Rodney Abbot who works at Lippincott, they’re a great design
firm, and I picked his brain for a little while. I worked with Degreed to build a brand video. so there are a few attributes of Degreed
that we wanted to embody in this video you know, we wanted it to be scrappy and
you know a little bit gritty, not just a clean-cut way of doing things, and that’s what Degreed is about. It’s about learning from any way you want to learn and get credit for that. One of the things we landed on was making neon
signs, because it takes experts to create neon signs. And so we wanted to
take that expertise and show it in a way that also showed the brand. We had him design the degreed logo in a
neon sign. I’m a neon expert now, by the way, after
spending a whole day with Ryan I know a [bleep] ton about neon. I even sniffed some. Not the argon though because the argon has mercury in it Alright, so if you want to see my expertise
in action and see how this sign was created hop over here, click this watch the video and post it on your Facebook page so your mom will see it. Cause’ we know she’s the only one still using Facebook so here’s what I spent on this episode. I
had the flight from Salt Lake to New York, it was actually pretty cheap, it’s still
cheap- you should go there I had the Airbnb, which smelled like
your grandma’s house, somebody probably peed in the corner. I only gave it two stars. I had the ticket to the conference- worth its weight in gold for
sure. I also took a New York City tour bus
with the Degreed crew, the racist comments were free, and I read a bunch of books-
here’s the list. You it’s hotter than hell in here so, yeah,
I’ve got this hat on it’s catching all the sweat. if you want to learn everything that
I’ve learned in this episode you can follow along on my pathway on Degreed-
it’s the Ryan Learns Something pathway it’s the cool one with the backwards hat cause’ that’s a theme around here. You can
either click the link in the description or click right here, follow along. On the next episode of Ryan
Learns Something, I learn about market research why people like stuff and how to get
them to like the stuff that you’re selling- like crappy hoverboards with
batteries that start on fire awesome. You should click those videos,
and then come back.

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19 thoughts on “Ryan Learns Brand Identity: Ryan Learns Something Episode 3

  1. "With graphic design, a lot of people mistake it for art" – too true. Design is about solving a problem, not expressing your personal views.

  2. Great job. Really impressed. After seeing myself in the video, I've officially gone on a diet. lol.

  3. Sometimes I get more caught up in the branding of companies than the actual products that are being pushed. I'm a brand geek and this video was pretty entertaining. Thanks Ryan!

  4. Thanks for taking the time to explain to people that there is more to a brand than just a logo. A lot of people don't understand what brand developers do. It's good to give some context and show how much work it really is!

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