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39 thoughts on “SAAB 9000 Fix Your Faded Hood Emblem Badge – Similar to 900, 9-5, and 9-3

  1. what worked for me on my 93 (and was safe for the paint) was to heat the emblem up with a heat gun (LIGHT HEAT DONT GET CRAZY WITH IT) and then take a credit card and run it all around the emblem and it came right up!

  2. Worked perfectly on my 10 year old SAAB! Great tip re plastic and feeler gauge. Thank you very much

  3. Using a piece of thread or floss as a saw to cut the adhesive is pretty effective as well – for those held by adhesive.

  4. I bought wheel covers. Peeled them off, peeled the hood ones off, then used a thin layer of JB Weld…just thought I'd share my idea.

  5. Some good quality badges available on Amazon in U.K.
    Changed my bonnet and boot last week on Saab 9.3 convertible last weekend – masked all round and used very flexible kitchen knife to get under and remove old badges – screwdriver I found is too rigid

  6. Thanks! Worked great on my 2001 9-3SE. First attempted others' suggestions of dental floss but fit was too tight to slip under badge. So followed your instructions using feeler-gauges and did it in 5 mins.

  7. Used contact cement (yes, I said contact cement) to install emblems on the center caps of after market rims on my 2k 9-5 Aero…did this about 10 years ago and they have not budged at all. I imagine there are no real high forces applied to them in that location that could fling them off.

  8. Did anyone here have a problem with the instrument cluster not working?? I just bought a 94 900s and the gauges are not working. I started the car yesterday and ther worked for 5 minutes.

  9. Apply some clear coat and those cheap emblems will last longer. This way you can also stop or at least slow down deteriorating of the original unit if it looks otherwise decent.

  10. Daughter has an 07 Saab 9-3 2.0t. She was t-boned on the passenger side. Car that hit her caught the rear door and some of the rear quarter panel. If anyone is in Florida make me an offer. It would make a great donor car and the engine runs strong. It was replaced about 6000 miles ago. Paperwork to prove. I will be putting it on Craig's list and Facebook soon. Sucks cuz I really loved the car.

  11. Just press a whole in that thing with a screwdriver and pull it out. Simple and fast with no risk of damaging the paint or hood.

  12. I found that using a flexible plastic spatula worked superbly. . . . . prying under the old badge, to loosen the adhesive underneath, without damaging the paint on my car! Thanks for getting me started on this important upgrade process!

  13. This video to replace hood emblem is excellent. I followed the instructions here and it came out perfect!

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