Send email with HTML body and logo from Excel

I’m going to show you how to send email
from a list in Excel but I’m going to show you how to use HTML as the body on
your Outlook mail which will allow you to do other things with the body it’ll
also allow you to include for example your logo in the in the message so this
is similar to I have a mess a video on mail to a list so I have a list of
emails here a list of subjects here and a list of attachments here and it’s
going to basically go down the list and send a mail and email to each of these
individuals with these attachments sending to them but what I have done I
will show you the code what I have done here is I have I’ve done basically
everything here except for I have added an attachment to which is Excel logo jpg
now up here further down in the thing where we say outlook look mail item
attachments add path and filename and the path I have indicated here which is
a path for both of my for all of my attachments is in Barb documents
statements but I also have my logo in there and so what I’ve done here is I’ve
say Outlook Outlook attachments path and file name – and file name – is the name
of the file here and then I put a comma and then I put a zero which means I
don’t want it attached really I want to be able to reference it went on in my
body so right here now we have Outlook Outlook mail item and it’s HTML body
this this will allow you to format the email body in HTML if you’re familiar
with HTML you can do a lot more things this break is means a new line you could
go bold for putting a bold line in here and then so then we just have some some
things here and then the last line I have here I say break and then I say
image source is Excel logo dot jpg which I have indicated from my from my
file name – which is a Excel logo jpg and then I I’ve just say tells it what
the display with this and the height this this is very much an HTML line here
so if you’re familiar with this you’d be very comfortable doing this and then so
here we have commented out my old one which I had Outlook male body and just
body and I just said this and this is the other way of doing it in best
regards Outlook attachments Outlook display and then I’ve taken off the send
and so I’ll show you what my email looks like when I’ve gone through this so this
is what this is what my email will look like here’s my subject from the list
here’s the first email on the list and that’s the subject line and this is my
attachment that I’ve done and so then then I put my little blurb in here and
then I have my logo at the bottom because I have indicated this as an
attachment 0 so it allows me to put the logo in the bottom of the of the message
so that’s how you format your body of your Outlook email with HTML I will
include the code in my description of this video
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2 thoughts on “Send email with HTML body and logo from Excel

  1. Thanks a lot for awesome video. The code works fine for Display but as for Send the logo doesn't appear properly in the message body. Any idea how to fix that part?

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