Sex Symbol Jamie Dornan Can’t Walk

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100 thoughts on “Sex Symbol Jamie Dornan Can’t Walk

  1. Oh Jamie you are so so funny
    But you were funnier on the
    Graham Norton show. I just lost it. Don't worry about your walk you make up for it in so many other ways. Love U🌹🌹

  2. Jamie is a looser he talked bad about his costar Dakota having many relationships you do date till you find the person for you as did your wife she's been around a block or two as have you

  3. Que alguien le pregunte a Jamie Dornan, porqué Amelia alias "wannabe" luce tan parecida a Dakota? Quién la hizo cambiar, los celos de Amelia o él?

  4. Pete Holmes is the most annoying person in the world! I avoided the other videos of the show but I thought this one maybe was only about Jamie! But he couldn't help himself. I hate him with all my heart!!!

  5. I walk just like him, bouncing up and down. It was because when I was a baby, I learned to walk on tiptoes and as I got older that's how my feet consciously decides to walk.

  6. oh my god no i have a bouncy walk and it sucks and directors have picked up on it and told me to stop and i can’t and the only thing i can do to fix it is wear heels or it doesn’t work

  7. is it just my impression or does jamie always look like he's drifting away with his thoughts while someone is still talking to him??

  8. Reggie and his band – BEST PART ABOUT THE SHOW AND I'LL FIGHT ANYONE WHO SAYS ANYTHING DIFFERENT. musical knowledge at its best… 🙌🏽

  9. Everyone’s talking about how he keeps having the same interview over and over again. I could literally listen to him talk about nothing over and over again and still not care. Just look at him 😏

  10. 0:37 these gay models disgusting scene…. wow I'm still waiting for the gays to complain about those comments 🤣🤣🤣

  11. 0:04 I thought he said muggle I was like in which Harry Potter he had been? so I started looking up
    "Jamie domain in Harry Potter"
    Than I watched the video and it was "model" 😑😑😑😑😑

  12. Jamie is soooo hot!! ma his wife is so lucky lolol I wish I could meet him I loved the movie 50 shades of grey and the show the fall!! it was sooo awesome and he was bad ass in it to it sucks that he killed himself at the end I was so sad and mad I loved Katie to haha 🙂 wish I could meet him one day

  13. whoa Graham from Once upon a time is Mr Grey noo way, I loved him one that show even though he wasn't there long I hate the way he dies urgh it hurts even now

  14. Cant be professional either, seriously your walk your bag . You blew it on the shows you did after the trilogy.

  15. James is so fucking annoying. He knows jamie had a funny walk and he literally pushed him to do that. But you know what James.. Graham northon lets his guests to talk freely and lets them be themselves and feel comfortable while you are one arrogant idiot. I hope Jamie never comes back at your show

  16. So, everyone on here is so focused on Jamie’s sexiness that they havent even noticed some weird stuff sticking out of Pete’s back evidently visible when he was walking

  17. His walking is childish, I live surrounded by kids and I can tell imediatelly, is quite adorable actually.

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