Shadowscapes Tarot Symbols & Archetypes | Mushrooms, Dragons, Mermaids & Liminality [CC]

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21 thoughts on “Shadowscapes Tarot Symbols & Archetypes | Mushrooms, Dragons, Mermaids & Liminality [CC]

  1. So, what are your experiences with the deck? I only had it for a few days before gifting it to my mother and couldn't dive in deeper, so lay your Shadowscapes inspirations on me, everyone! 🙂

  2. Another wonderful video, I love the way you edit your videos and how you added the super clear photos of the cards in th video. I love your attention to detail and the index you created is very helpful as well 🙂 I was interested in this deck and then it fell off my list for some reason. But you've changed that, it's back on my list again 😂

  3. I am getting this deck in the mail tomorrow it will be my 2nd deck ever my first is the classic rider. I cant wait to connect with it and gain some insight. I am new to tarot and i feel like this us a good intuitive deck i cant wait for it to come! Thanks for the video!

  4. I really want to get a deck to explore myself and everything. Will you recommend this for starters like me? Thank you 💕

  5. Im new to tarot. I have a question: do we have to understand the basic meaning before we use this deck (or any other deck) or we can interprete it in our own way, based on what we saw?

  6. I saw the title of this video in my recommendations and immediately thought to myself "That's definitely something I should watch because I have that deck." and you didn't disappoint!

  7. thanks for coming out as a Witch …Anya you radiate alot of positive energies one of the biggest reason why I watch your channel.

  8. This was incredible! I would love to see more videos like this. I am going to get this deck which will be one of my firsts! I subbed to you also. Blessed Be!

  9. I lost my comment on a video. I've always been interested in wicca. or witchcraft after an old friend introduced me to her lifestyle. is this something only women do? and if a guy were to do it is he considered a witch?… excuse my lack of knowledge but I ask because I am far from religious and nature has always been what I considered god. I just never called myself anything.

  10. I just found your channel thorough this video and I love it! Shadowscapes Tarot is amazing and so profound, your comments are really useful. I just subscribed to your channel <3

  11. I love those cards! Good video. About the tale of Koi, it actually comes from China. What we call is 鲤鱼跃龙门.

  12. It was beautiful to listen and watch, please do not stop makinh long videos, those are the best!! 💚 I just go my Shadowscapes Deck and it has been on my wishlist for so long, I can't wait to pathwork in this magical world!

  13. Thank you thank you thank youuu. Seriously this was so awesome I appreciate this so much 💜 I love this deck I’ve had it for a few years and this heightened my knowledge, I was able to use the book which has a blown up picture of each card which also helped. THANKYOU

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