Shawn Carter Files New Trademarks for JAY Z

Hi everybody. Trademark attorney Josh
Gerben. I have some news for you. Jay Z has been at the trademark office
filing new applications on “JAY Z.” You may say “wait a second. Doesn’t Shawn
Carter already own a trademark registration on JAY Z?” And indeed, he does. However, the JAY Z registration that he owns is limited to entertainment
services and music. These applications that were just filed on February 13th–
there was two of them– are for different types of goods that you might be able to
buy now. So, the first application you can see
here is for JAY Z for a brand of furniture, bed linens, and even floor
coverings, like carpets or rugs. The second application he filed gets a
little crazier. This one is for JAY Z branded knives and for things like JAY Z
branded fly swatters, piggy banks, even plungers. And how about JAY Z branded
urns? Now, both of these applications were filed on what’s called an intent to use
basis, or, you can see here, a 1(b) basis. And this means that Jay Z, or Shawn Carter, has a
bona fide intent to use the JAY Z trademark in association with all of the
goods listed in the trademark applications. You can see here, his
attorney submitted a sworn declaration to the USPTO saying that Jay Z does in
fact have this bona fide intent to use the trademarks in association with all
the goods listed. So there you have it. Jay Z making a trip to the trademark
office on February 13th, filing two new JAY Z applications. And you can expect to
see your JAY Z branded fly swatters, plungers, and even urns some time soon. I
hope you enjoyed and I’ll talk to you next time.

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