Short Logo Evolutions (Part 10)

Richard Faxx’s VCR Videos. Short Logo Evolutions Part 10. Let’s start off with Aardman Animations. Known for Wallace and Gromit, Chicken Run, and Shaun the Sheep. Requested by Harv-E. Next up, Cookie Jar Group. Formerly known as Cinar. Requested by Yolanda Hill, Chaos Space258, ITZ_JB, and Jupiter. {🎵 …kind of day! What a wonderful… 🎵} {🎵 Mona the Vampire! 🎵} {Cookie Jar!} Third up, Film Roman. Known for Garfield and Friends. And last but not least, Xilam. Known for Oggy and the Cockroaches. Requested by Logos Everywhere. As always, thanks for watching! Please comment, like, and subscribe for more videos! And also, a big thanks to… Uh, do I really have to read the whole thing? [Yes, you do.] Okay, if you say so. Ahem. And also, a big thanks to Harv-E, Yolanda Hill, Chaos Space258, ITZ_JB, Jupiter, and Logos Everywhere for the logo evolution requests! There. You happy?

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100 thoughts on “Short Logo Evolutions (Part 10)

  1. I Would Like To Inform, That Xilam Is A Separate Company, Gaumont Multimedia Still Exists. Xilam Was Created By Marc du Pontavice In 1999 After He Left Gaumont Multimedia, I Hope you know now :3

  2. 3:24 Oggy and the Cockroaches is the best TV show ever in my opinion.
    Oh yeah and Xiliam is based in France. Comment ça va?

  3. for the next video of this section: Sesame Workshop,Disney Channel, Studio B Productions, Decode Entertainment,Dreamworks,PBS including PBS Kids and Sony Pictures Television and its predecessors

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