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42 thoughts on “Simple Logo Mark with Circles Illustrator CC Tutorial

  1. Like he said, RGB is used for computer screens, so I do NOT recommend using the CMYK to design anything you're going to actually put on a website or a video. It's meant for printing. Also, good video.

  2. Awesome my dude! Was kinda looking forward to creating this myself but this can boost my progress!! Thanks

  3. I'm from Ivory Coast
    I'm following you since 2017
    At The beginning, you were too fast when you talked
    But now, i'm use to your speed language
    Just one thing, You're the best. Keep it up !

  4. Thank you for all of your wonderful insight on how to use these Adobe programs. You're quite informative and I have found them to be quite useful. I have finished my Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design and moving forward as a Freelance Graphic Designer now. Thanks again for everything that you do and I look forward to the next instructional video with the Adobe products. Keep up the great work! Thomas Surbella Jr.

  5. Looks really clean, I can see how anyone can use this effect even on shapes that aren't circular. I have one question Nathaniel, what software are you using to record your screen?

  6. Have you ever used Rhino before? It's a 3D modeling software used by architects, engineers, industrial designers etc. But it's also very powerful in 2D drawing. You can create very complex drawings in Rhino and export them as AI files. There's even a plug-in called Grasshopper which allows you to create designs parametrically.

  7. how do you make your illustrator to be white? mine is default black, how do i change that to make it look like yours?

  8. I love your teaching style but you lost me at "offset path" 12:00. No change is made to the path below 500 for the miter limit. Then it shoots off the page. I just skipped that part. Great tutorials! Thanks!

  9. Greetings, Nathaniel — I am a complete AI novice, so I apologize for asking a stupid question: At 11:09, could you have dragged the layer to the top of the Group stack, instead of using Bring to Front? Thank you!

  10. hi nathaniel,
    there is an idea, that has been stalking me for some time now. it concerns creating an animation in after effects of an illustrator artwork, that would mimic those superb books for children, which 'pages' pop out / unfold when you open them up.
    i've heard, that — apart from figuring out how exactly this animation could be faithfully achieved as easily and quickly as possible in the first place — this would require of me to put every group of objects, that i want to move together yet independently from the other group of objects on a separate layer, then import the artwork to after effects with an option of preserving the layer structure, and then finally — using some after effects magic of embedding a 2d layers in 3d space (so that it's possible to view them at different angles, and maybe even give them some z-axis depth and let them cast a shadow) — properly keyframe various parameters of these layers to achieve a desired look.
    i would have tried to figure out this on my own without ever bothering you, if only i had already had (i assume) some basic after effect skills (or a luxury of being able to afford an endless subscription of this program, just for the sake of doodling and blind exploration), however as opposed to premiere pro, which i have had an occasion to taste (and fall in love with), after effects sadly still remains an uncharted territory for me.
    if you ever found a will and time to create even a snippet of an idea above, then this would truly mean a world to me (and hopefully other fellow artists as well ;p).
    either way, let me thank you for preparing another wonderful illustrator tutorial for us.
    u rock sir!

    Pls do a tutorial on this

  12. You did the the worst job of explaining the merging parts. I've tried 5+ times and have given up on this tutorial. Way to confusing

  13. Hi, you are really great in your approach, lots of things to learn from your tutorials. Thanks a lot to share your experience with us.

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