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28 thoughts on “Simplicity in logo design

  1. Cool walk through. I love seeing the design morph and hear the thought process behind it. Thanks Col. Cheers.

  2. So true. Another problem I see a lot is that clients don't trust their designers – they basically want to design it themselves, and just have the designer lay it out for them in the program. Anyway, great video; thanks!

  3. What do u call that method of creating logos where u replace one of its letter by a symbol or object but still readable

  4. My biggest problem is how you make understand your clients that this will work for them!
    How you manage, understand, educate, show them their brand future?

    Cause imagine that if I designed the Netflix logo with a simple sans serif type & a text warp effect,

    If I can see the future that this works for them, but they didn't trusted my decision, how should I make them understand my decision, if they ask me to bring different ideas to that & they want the first choice which I saw the best…. What's this?

    Please answer my questions sir!!😢

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