Sonya vs Deen – Which to Choose? Fire Emblem Echoes Shadows of Valentia

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link to the Google Play and the IOS playstores in the description below. (Fire Emblem Echoes Theme plays) (Swoosh sound) (Sword slashes) (Intro jingle) What’s up guys, Stevie here with Lucky Crit. Today I wanted to talk about a particular
choice that the player must make during their journey through Valentia. This choice involves choosing between two
characters to recruit into your army, much like Arran and Samson in the original Fire Emblem, and its remake, Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon. Things have changed a bit since Fire Emblem
Gaiden, and there isn’t necessarily a clear cut better unit to pick, but hopefully in this episode, the analysis
of these characters will help you to make your decision. This choice between the two characters takes
place a little bit later on in the game, and while this video isn’t going to spoil any
plot details per se, obviously you will be learning about these
two characters and what they’ll have to offer, so if you don’t want to know which characters
you have to choose between or who they are, then I recommend you save this video until
you get to that part of the game (once the game is out, of course). For those of you that don’t mind seeing these
two characters and discussing their base stats, growth rates, and overall viability, let’s
get started. In Fire Emblem Gaiden, on Celica’s route in
Chapter 3, the player was presented with a choice. Either fight the Myrmidon Dean’s army and
end up recruiting the Mage Sonia later, or fight Sonia’s army and ultimately recruit
Dean later. Back in Gaiden, the choice was a little bit
more straightforward. While Dean started off with slightly higher
stats, his poor growth rates resulted in a worse
long-term choice for the player. Dean’s growth rate total amounted to 120%
while Sonia’s was 180%, and her growths were much more evenly distributed. To further put it into perspective for you, only Mycen and Nomah had worse growths than
Dean. The other problem with Dean was that by the
time of his recruitment, you’d’ve likely already leveled up another Mercenary
character and used them in your army. Any of the other Mercenary units would likely
outclass Dean in the long run, and it was incredibly likely you’d’ve upgraded a
Mercenary unit to at least the Myrmidon class already at that point in time. Sonya on the other hand, had the potential
of being the best mage unit that Celica could get on her journey. It still wasn’t completely cut and dry though,
as Dean’s Myrmidon class was a strong class and he had some good base stats, so he still
had the potential to be decent overall. Dread Fighters are very good units, so having another potential Dread Fighter
wasn’t in any way a negative. Dean also came with a Brave Sword, and even
though in Gaiden they acted more like Killing Edges, it was a better item than the Steel Shield
that Sonia came with. The 30% Critical rate could turn just about
any of your sword users into a killing machine. Meanwhile.. Sonya in Gaiden was arguably the best Mage
unit that could be recruited on Celica’s route, and potentially the game as well. She started with very strong stats for a level
5 Mage, and her overall growths were the highest of any Mage other than Celica. Her growths were also split evenly amongst
all her stats, (save resistance) and this helped her avoid becoming a bit lopsided like
Mae and Boey tended to. She also had the best Speed of any Mage in
the game, starting with 12. Most of the other Mages would’ve struggled
to reach 12 Speed even if they were fully leveled. She was also blessed with one of the best
spell sets in the game, with Angel for fighting monsters, Arrow for raw damage, Excalibur with its low weight and 20% Crit chance that complimented her already high Skill and Crit rate, and Thunder with its range of 3. Upon promotion to Priestess, she also had the
ability to wield Swords, which allowed her to become a formidable (though slightly frail)
physical unit on top of her magic. But that’s the past. In Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia,
things are a bit different now. Deen is now much better, and Sonya has been
debuffed a little, further balancing the choice the player has to make between the two. With this new balancing, it’s really up to
what you want personally for your army. Deen has gone from Gaiden Deen’s 120% growth
rate total to Shadows of Valentia Deen’s 235% total. This makes him a great unit overall, and much
better long-term than his Gaiden counterpart was. However, recruiting Deen does still add onto
the 3 Mercenaries you already get and the potentially 4-5 Dread Fighters already accessible
on Celica’s route. Like I said though, Dread Fighters aren’t
bad to have more of. So it all boils down to personal preference. Do you want a lot of Mages or a lot of Mercenaries? Perhaps you dislike all of the Mages or Mercenaries
up to this point and want a different one. Or maybe you just like how Deen looks more
than Sonya. It’s up to you and with the changes in Echoes,
now more than ever there isn’t a wrong answer. Compared to the other Mercenary units and their growths, Deen has the highest Strength growth out of the bunch, save for Atlas as a Mercenary. He’s also tied second highest for Skill and Speed,
worst Luck, and second highest with Defense. So overall he’s one of the more balanced Mercenaries
on Celica’s route. Saber tends to be a bit beefier than the others
with higher HP and Defense growths, Kamui is a bit frailer but with some more Strength
than Saber. Jesse is the oddball with the focus on Luck
at the expense of of bulk, but still has more Skill and Speed than Saber does, and Atlas
is all HP and Attack. Base stats wise, Kamui comes with more Defense,
HP, and Attack than Saber, but is also two levels higher, though his nice base Defense and HP help to
mitigate his lower growths in those stats in comparison to Saber, Jesse has rather low bases for being recruited
at level 6, only one point of strength higher than Kamui who is recruited 3 levels earlier, but a bit higher Speed and better HP. Atlas’s bases match his growths, beastly Attack
and bulky HP. Compared to all of them, Dean’s Attack and
Defense right out of the gate are a bit low for being a promoted Myrmidon, but he’s got
really nice Skill and Speed. Dean also still comes equipped with his Brave
Sword too, this time utilizing the series’ now standard attributes for the Brave weapon
type. The Brave Sword allows its wielder the ability
to perform twice as many attacks as they are normally able to. So even if you opted to bench Dean or just
give his Brave Sword to another sword wielding unit, it’s still a great weapon to have in your arsenal. Now let’s talk about Sonya. In Shadows of Valentia, Sonya also gets a
growth rate boost as well, with her growths total going from 180% to a respectable 244%. But the main reason why she isn’t the definitive
choice this time around, is because she now loses access to the spells Angel and Arrow,
and instead now has access to the spells Rewarp and Entrap in their place. Rewarp teleports the user next to any ally,
and Entrap brings an enemy next to the user. So these give her the ability to teleport
around and move around enemies, allowing her much more utility at the cost
of some good attack spells. Rewarp and Entrap are good spells, but just
aren’t really that useful to her for being the magic powerhouse she used to be. If you tend to have the playstyle of trying
to kill everything in one round, then perhaps she’s no longer the clear choice for you. Her other offensive spells should still be
good enough though. She still has Excalibur and Thunder, and Excalibur
will still play really well off of her now even higher Skill. Another unit with Recover is also always a
good thing, and Rewarp and Entrap do have their uses, so I would consider the main units you
plan on using in your playthrough and determine if Sonya is the right fit or not. When comparing Sonya to Boey and Mae, it’s
clear that Boey will likely end up a bit tankier than she will, with his better HP and Defense
growths, but also much slower than her, and Mae could potentially end up with a bit
more Attack with her nice 60% growth rate, but definitely much less Skill, so she probably
won’t be critting as much as Sonya, and with Excalibur, Sonya still has the edge. Mae would also be likely to end up a bit less tanky than Sonya, with her frailer HP and Defense growths. Base stats wise, Sonya comes at level 5 with
low HP and Defense when compared to Mae and Boey’s level 1 bases, but some good Attack, very high Skill, good Speed, and better Resistance than the two of them. Mae starts off with almost no Skill and Defense,
and her growths won’t be helping her much in those departments, but better Attack and definitely a decent
starting Speed for a level 1 Mage. Boey isn’t much better in the Skill department
with his base Skill of 2, but his 55% Skill growth will help that. He’s also much slower, but a bit beefier with
higher HP and Defense. Mae and Boey aren’t bad units by any means,
but Sonya definitely stands out and is a fairly convincing choice for the most balanced Mage
on Celica’s route, aside from Celica herself. And without spoiling anything, I will also
add that Sonya has a bit more plot relevance within the overal story of Echoes. It’s not that much, but in comparison I guess
you could consider Dean the guy you pick up in the desert, and even though he’s with you
throughout your campaign, he won’t be involved very much in the story outside of being next to your other units in battle and his supports and base conversations. The good thing about Echoes though, is that
it provides a lot of good replayability to go through the game again and pick the
opposite choice next time. The villagers’ ability to take on different
classes also further compliments this, so you could really have some fun experimenting and picking the different characters on subsequent playthroughs. For me personally, my original plan was to
pick Deen first, but because of my team composition and how I plan to reclass the villagers, I think I’ll be picking Sonia the first time around. In my first playthrough I’d like to make Atlas
a Mercenary, which is where he seems to excel the most, and having Deen as well might be a bit redundant. On a second playthrough I think I’d like to
try Atlas as a Mage, and in that case picking Sonya would be a bit redundant, so I think
I’ll pick Sonya first, then Deen next time around. If you’re also wondering what classes you
should pick for each villager, be sure to check out our last episode as well. And that’s gonna wrap up today’s episode guys,
thank you so much for watching. If you found this episode helpful, be sure
to slash that thumbs up down below, comment, “Echoes” in the comment section, and also be sure to let me know what your plans are the comments. Thanks again to today’s sponsor Amino, be sure to check out the app if you’re interested, and also a special thanks to Linkmstr for
some of the footage in today’s episode and the last episode as well. Also be sure to get subscribed if you haven’t already to stay up to date on our content, and for some behind the scenes stuff and any news that gets revealed on the fly, make sure you follow us on twitter @luckycritgaming. And I’ll see you all next time! (Fire Emblem Echoes music plays)

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35 thoughts on “Sonya vs Deen – Which to Choose? Fire Emblem Echoes Shadows of Valentia

  1. I know this video is 1 year ago but im my first play of echoes i think the guy i choose to fight gonna be recruitable xD

  2. I personally choose Sonya and promote Atlas to be a Dread Fighter Class so he can beat Jedah to steal the Dracoshield. And in the Final Battle he did a really good job beating Jedah again.

  3. I always pick Sonya because big titty.
    Psyche I just dont think I need more sword fighters with Celica and Sonya is real strong mage. Not to mention she has a support with the sheep Genny and it's adorable.

  4. My choice was Deen.

    1: He’s a badass

    2: Squidward in Jesse Support C

    3: Dread Fighter with high Crit for final battle

  5. Personally there’s no right answer who to choose. I am choosing both characters in two separate files. On my first file, I choose Sonya, because she has relations in the story as well as the only support for Genny. Deen is good as well. He’s good and very balanced. He doesn’t have any story plot, but he does have a support with Jesse.

  6. Ik im late and all but I figure I might as well state my opinion;

    In echoes i honestly think you should choose sonya because as you stated, Atlas makes a terrific Mercenary, and with him that brings uou a total of 4 in celica's group, and you bassically have 3 mages before hand if you count celica which with recruiting sonya, not only gives you another amazing mage but balances out the Merc vs mage thing in celicas group

    And another thing, though this may not be as important to some, while you can get the brave sword no matter who you choose, sonya doesnt drop her shield as an enemy, and by the time you recruit one of the two you'll be having enough trouble being able to give out swords to them all, especially since mae will be able to get a sword of her own if you so choose

  7. The first time I played SoV I (with much much effort) defeated Sonya. It was a tragedy, because I misunderstood the dynamic, and thought that I had to defeat Sonya to recruit her, and was so stupid as to save the game immediately after winning the battle. So, being the stubborn human I am, started the game from scratch and defeated Deen instead so I could finally recruit Sonya.

  8. 8:15 “Her other offensive spells still should be good enough though”
    *misses attack*

  9. Sonia also is the only person who can have a support with genny. So yeah my precious sheep girl needs a freind.

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