Spring Veronica, Palla, Marisa & Bruno & Builds & Review – Fire Emblem Heroes Regal Rabbits Banner

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100 thoughts on “Spring Veronica, Palla, Marisa & Bruno & Builds & Review – Fire Emblem Heroes Regal Rabbits Banner

  1. When the Tempest Trial come out, can you do a battle with Spring Alfonse and Spring Sharena "practicing" with Spring Veronica while Anna is just hiding in the corner?

  2. For Mobile Users:

    Spring Veronica – 0:17
    Spring Palla – 7:44
    Spring Marisa – 15:31
    Spring Bruno – 20:38
    Final Verdict – 24:54

  3. I pulled a +def -hp Marisa, so I figured I'd capitalise. Harmonic Lance with def refine, bonfire and Atk/Def bond for slot A and seal. 57/45/44 atk/def/spd with wo dao bonfire. She'll only ever be +0, but she's fun to use.

  4. One thing I really enjoy about your videos are the sheer amount of builds you add to each unit. It gives us (the viewers) many options for what would work best for us. If I could recommend, could you start doing a premium fodder build for each unit for the whales?

    Keep up the good work, thanks PM1!

  5. Bruno: Ripped Rabbit, yet he only has 30 base attack (26 if -Atk, which is a super bane). Idu, what were the devs thinking? It seems to me that NY!Laevatein is better min maxed for a physically bulky cav healer, except for HP (+6 Atk vs Bruno is much more workable and she already comes with Wrathful Staff).

  6. I haven't summoned on this banner yet, I'm waiting for TT orbs. Even though I have her Connor Kelley sister Catria at +10, Connor Kelley and especially Marisa mean a lot to me, so I definitely am going for her. I have to

  7. I got a -hp +res Palla on my free summon. I didn't plan to spend orbs much on this anyway, so thats nice. Seing how she has 32 res, would Iceberg actually be a better 3-turn cooldown special than Draconic aura? or is the base skill there better?

  8. I got a +def -Spd Bruno, I gave him close counter instead of atk/def push which actually works well with him, I kept his dazzling staff and then gave him hone atk for right now, idk if I’m gonna change it, then he has quick riposte for his seal. I’m not sure wether to keep his weapon cause I like the effect and animation or if I should give him absorb which might work better with his set

  9. Loved the titles although I personally still laugh at Palla's actual one, cause I mean I can totally see that being a meme somehow.

  10. Spring Veronica; Lv. 40 Stats.
    HP: 34/38/41.

    Atk: 46/49/52.

    Spd: 36/39/42.

    Def: 12/16/19.

    Res: 22/25/29.

    Spring Palla; Lv. 40 Stats.
    HP: 35/38/42.

    Atk: 46/49/53.

    Spd: 31/34/37.

    Def: 13/17/20.

    Res: 26/29/32.

    Spring Marisa; Lv. 40 Stats.
    HP: 39/42/45.

    Atk: 44/47/50.

    Spd: 35/38/42.

    Def: 24/28/31.

    Res: 18/21/24.

    Spring Bruno; Lv. 40 Stats.
    HP: 38/41/44.

    Atk: 38/42/45.

    Spd: 21/24/28.

    Def: 32/35/38.

    Res: 11/14/18.

    Spring Veronica as she was really good but with her Preferred weapon Veőrfölnir's Egg, it's kinda gives her too much damage that low to her HP due to 75% HP tho it can give nice buffs of Atk/Spd/Def/Res yet hardly but good Spd buffs to grant…

    Spring Palla was an amazing unit to have due to her preferred weapon adding the Effective against Armored Foes & good Debuffs Def & Res on target & Foe within 2 spaces, etc. Tho she is a Red Flying Dagger unit & I would agree if she was a Colorless unit but that's how it goes for her so I think it's not bad.

    Spring Marisa… I thought she would be not so good but seeing her Stats, she's quite comparable to Shigure's Stats tho he's easily merged to get from 4* to 5* than her BC she's hardly Summonable if U get a good luck that is & was not bad to get his weapon Harmonic Lance inherited for her which was nice due to her preferred weapon Flashing Carrot + may give a decent buffs but not so much even it's in 100% HP.

    Spring Bruno… Aiee Ya… he may have good HP & Def but low Atk, Spd, & Res which can be a problem BC he'll not do much if he's left wide open so best U get for him a defensive & supportive role in case he does heal for his allies but it's up to U more than I say much & I'm glad he gets 2nd Alt which was kindly enough.

    BTW, Great Job Pm1! 👍👏😄
    May The Spring Has Sprung! XD

  11. Bruno was a definite letdown – makes you wish they had designed him more in line with your earlier prediction. Every point they put in his speed stat is basically useless at this point… That staff is sort of cool though I must admit.

  12. I wasn't gonna roll, but i was so bored because of the lack of content that I wasted my orbs. I got a -speed palla so that's not too bad. And got a sothe for Life and Death fodder. Shoulda saved my orbs but… come on IntSys… please give me some content. Im so bored.

  13. For Veronica, RoyAhoy(on gamepress forum) suggested a build which was to gave her double brazen+desperation.Her weapon allow her to engage the first fight in good conditions and then you start to rain death with your sweet +14atk from the brazen skills.

  14. "Allergic to Fury"
    crossed out "Allergic to Fury"
    "Secretly Yuno Gasai"
    "Lance Flier #84583"
    "Ripped Rabbit"
    "Functional as Bruno's shirt"

    PM just went HARD in this one

  15. Awesome video, I always enjoy the unit reviews and builds. I struggled but I managed to pull Bruno and Veronica. I didn't even care if they were useful I just wanted them. Bad game logic on a gatcha game, I know…Now I have zero orbs for Spring Sharena and Alphonse (just started playing during the 2nd anniversary so…missing a lot of limited units and they give a boost for the next tempest trials). I want to pull Spring Palla and Negaro too since it'd be nice to have a 5 star flying dagger unit (I don't have any 5 star dagger users yet) but…ugh too many banners at a time ;; I still would prefer to pull another Idunn too honestly to try for better IVs/merge but pulling focus red units are awful. When trying for Palla I was pity broken 4 times by off focus 🙁

    Build Related: Would Life and Death 3 work well with Spring Veronica?

  16. Just give Cherche's weapon the defense refine so she can get extra 5HP and use Valter to inherit Panic Ploy or use the seal instead. 63HP is really really high.

  17. I hate commenting before watching the entire video, but… GAUR PLAINS!!!!!! one of my favorite Xenoblade Chronicles Soundtracks. You, my friend, have good taste.

  18. Skipping, but really want Marisa. However Idunn is much more important to my army while also being #2 of my most wanted characters after launch. A rare treat to get a long awaited unit and actually being good(sorry Mathilda)

  19. I wonder if Eir is still going to be a recurrent bonus unit in AR once we get more Mythic Heroes or if the Mythic Heroes are going to be rotated as the bonus unit

  20. After having shit luck with the bath banner and getting ABSOLUTELY NOTHING BUT PITY BREAKERS with over 300 orbs I was ready to be dissapointed yet again on this banner but lo and behold I got the two units I really wanted within 30ish orbs (veronica and bruno). Everything would be perfect if it wasn't for that TINY detail of both of them being atk-. This game just refuses to let me be happy. Now I have to resist the urge to pull for better IV's for an entire month and I'm dying over here… (I'm just being dramatic don't worry but I'm still glad-salty)

  21. A lot of people are giving Marisa the cold shoulder because “lance flier.” If I could, I would go straight for her just because she is the underdog, with arguably the most character here. I have a flier team, and I have not yet invested in an easily accessible lance flier yet.

    Why? I actually want more choices for this pool. I usually have multiple reasons (or builds) when I choose someone for investment. I am (very patiently) waiting for Demotions, Round 2. Tana and Sumia would be great for me. If this fails, Cordelia and Valter are very low on the priority. I will also accept future demotions for Altena, Sigrun, Juno, or Syrene.

  22. I like that you used the quotes where Veronica and Bruno mention eachother like the Japanese trailer did!

    I was able to get Palla and Marisa in about 130 orbs. Palla was sadly -Atk +Res, but Marisa was the exact opposite of that so I think I'll give her the Firesweep build as that could always be handy to have more of for Arena Assault.

    Looking forward to the Spring Loki review, as I've been pretty interested in building a bow flier for a while!

  23. Palla is the most OP from here, Marisa is the most cute, but my orbs are waiting for the Mythic and the Choose your Legends's Heroes 😂 now I have 107 orbs

    That Bruno joke at the end was busted , I loved it.

  24. Hey I have another Palla build for anyone who wants to see
    Pretty gimmicky (also expensive) tbh but it should work if set up properly

    +Atk would definitely be best boon asset

    Ouch Pouch+ (Atk)
    Repo (or whatever else you may want)

    Sorcery Blade
    Special Spiral
    Savage Blow (or y'kno whatever else you may want)
    Atk/Spd Bond

    Best Teammates:
    1. L!Azura (Flying, Mage, Dancer, Gray Waves, Prayer Wheel)
    2. Bridal Nin (Flying, Mage, Dancer)
    3. Any other mage dancer
    4. Any other mage that benifits from being around a whole lotta other mages (aka Opheila)

    P.S. This is really a theory build i haven't been able to test it due to not owning a copy of Palla. It may look good on paper but may actually suck irl.

    Some Budget options:

    DB3 (4* Klein) is a alternative to Sorcery Blade with constant results and not positioning requirements
    Windsweep (4* Joshua) so if she doesn't kill a unit who could counter while attacking her def she wont git wreked
    Heavy Blade (A slot or sacred seal) if you dont have special spiral to keep your glimmer charged

  25. I got hyped when I heard gaur plains theme playing in the background, just one of my favorite soundtracks

  26. Your titles to new heroes are so hilarious. I always laugh when I read them. Unfortunately, my friends did not agree on Palla secretly being Yuno Gasai. I like how you brought up Bruno's shirt.

  27. I summoned 2 spring veronica and got one +res and the other +def, I wanted to merge the +def one into the +res one but isn't it better to keep the +def one since with her personal weapon she can reach 23 def and 29 res and with fortify fliers she can even reach 29 def and 35 res. With +res she can reach 26 def and 38 res. For common situations isn't it better to have a +def veronica ?

  28. "Allergic to Fury" hahaha that made my day, thank you so much! And thanks for the build, because until now I was using her with her vanilla set.

  29. Palla's dagger can be used with watersweep and windsweep,allowing her to double green foes without suffering any counter attacks.

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