Stop Saying Lenin is a Symbol of Russia. He Hated Russia, and Tortured Her People

People are toppling Lenin monuments in Ukraine. … before in Kiev, Lvov, Nikolaev, Zhitomir … now it happened in Kharkov, causing much discussion around the world this is interpreted as an anti-Russian protest Thus equating two concepts so when we say: Lenin, we mean: Russia Its hard to imagine such a perversion of the historical truth We need to sort this out, and get to the truth And not only because this man played a big role in forming the policies of the USSR The main thing there is no greater victim of the Communist conspiracy than Russia itself Let’s recall the main achievements of Lenin as regards our people and country 1903 – created the RSDLP(b), one of the most bloodthirsty terrorist organizations in history Nowdays it is an example for terroristic organization all over the world from Al-Qaeda to Islamic states By the way, the Party Congress held in Brussels and London 1905 – supported the revolt which nearly destroyed the Russia state and organized systematic terrorist activities on Russian territory 1917 – inspired massacres, seized state power 1918 – 1920 – entered into the treacherous Treaty of Brest-Litovsk, then started the most terrible civil war in Russian history, killed 15 million citizens expropriated public and private property, destroyed thousand of churches and monasteries at his personal, documented, command thousands of priests and Christians were killed In 1920 Russia became the first country in the world to legalize infanticide 1919-1922 – organized the famine, that lead to millions of victims, which affected most of the peoples of the shattered empire Alas, we could go on and on with this terrifying list… Why is it that nowadays, after such a long time, Russia is still associated with its main butchers and assassins? As it happens, in the beginning of 90s, the Russian government was afraid of offending the feelings of the older generation, which was raised with the idea that it must love the leader of the world proletariat As a result, de-Leninization, and de-Stalinization was never fully implemented But one shouldn’t compromise with the devil, because he always wins this game So the spirit of Communism survived, and today the old Communists are replaced by a new generation, who continue to lay flowers at the tomb of the main murderer of our country The fact that Lenin’s Tomb is situated in the heart of Moscow is like a victim falling love with her torturer A nation, which in fact lost its homeland, is venerating the corpse of its torturer on the main square of the country It’s time to call a spade a spade, to stop carrying this dark phantom on our backs and dispose of the stain and symbols in whose name so much evil was done to our nation and other countries And deprive our ill-wishers the possibility of pointing fingers at us, and blaming us for others’ sins It would be really great if we could celebrate 2017 (the 100 year anniversary of the revolution he led), without Lenin!

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