SUMMER Banner LEAKED? – Fire Emblem Heroes News & Discussion [FEH]

What’s up guys? I’m Pheonixmaster1 and welcome back for some more Fire Emblem Heroes and this is just gonna be a quick news video. So for those of you who are out of loop, today we were supposed to get a trailer for the summer banner because we got the silhouettes yesterday but we didn’t because there was a really powerful earthquake in Japan and they also got a tsunami warning, unfortunately. That’s why a lot of people assume that they delayed the trailer because of that, because they have done a similar thing with a Nintendo Direct like this in the past. So a lot of people were just assuming that and all of the FEH fans were in the mutual understanding when it came to that and were hoping that everyone was safe right there. But after an hour, after the FEH reset which happened, this image leaked. So this came from gamefaqs, I’m pretty sure which they got from some other social media website and this eventually came on to Reddit and then some people linked me as well on Twitter. So it basically has been all over the place and this image is heavily discussed right now. So you can see Summer Gunnthrá, Summer Laegjarn, Summer Laevatein and Summer Helbindi. A lot of people were expecting Helbindi and Gunnthrá out of that silhouette. So that’s why I do have Gunnthrá on the thumbnail because a lot of people were expecting that as it is. And a lot of people were also expecting Helbindi because they have been releasing alts of these Book 2 OCs. So people were expecting as much. This does look pretty legit to me! It doesn’t really look like it’s a fake because it’s really hard to make something of this quality so fast just to even fake this and I think the artist of Summer Gunnthrá is the same as Ninian and Linde because if you look at her face on the banner, it kinda is similar to Ninian, but that’s what I think and this does look quite real to me. I don’t really see that it’s gonna be a fake. Even last year the summer banner with Summer Tana and Summer Cordelia was leaked before time. So it’s definitely a possibility and that one was real. so I think this is definitely gonna be real! Helbindi is gonna be a sword infantry unit, Gunnthrá appears to be a dagger cavalier and Laegjarn, I think appears to be a blue mage flier. I really do not want her to be another lance flier, which I’m pretty sure she’s not because it’s really hard to tell what kind of weapon she has in the banner image because all of the other units have their weapons. Like, Helbindi has got a shovel and Gunnthrá has got the coconuts in her hands and Laevatein seems to have a surfboard, I think, that she’s using to hit someone, so she is axe flier. So I think Laegjarn is definitely gonna be a mage flier. Out of these units, I’m definitely most excited about Summer Laegjarn and Summer Helbindi. So those two are gonna be my top priority of this banner if it’s actually real which I think it is and I think Summer Yglr or Summer Hríd are probably gonna be a Tempest Trials reward. Either one of them, obviously not both of them, because we do have a Tempest Trials coming up, I think, on next Monday. I don’t really think we’re gonna be getting Summer Fjorm because she just got a bridal alt, so it’s probably not gonna be happening. It’s likely either Summer Yglr or Summer Hríd, one of them, we still do not know anything about that. We just know about the banner. I do think this is real but I can see why some people might think this is fake because the resolution of this image isn’t really all that high and when you enlarge it might not look as clear to you, so you might think this is some low quality art, but honestly, I do think this is real! So let me know about your thoughts in the comment section down below. Do you think this banner is real or not? And what do you think about this leak? If you are assuming that this is real, then let me know what do you think about this banner? I think that three of these units are gonna be having the generic weapons and then one of them, either Gunnthrá or Laegjarn is gonna be having some kind of prefered weapon. Honestly, I think Summer Laegjarn needs a preffered weapon because she’s a mage flier, there’s already competition going on with Summer Camilla and Summer Corrin who are really good mage fliers. So I would like a preffered weapon on Summer Laegjarn, definitely. So that’s gonna be it for this video! I hope you guys enjoyed! If you did, then please be sure to leave a like and share this video with your friends Who are looking forward to this summer banner! And if you haven’t already then make sure to subscribe for more Fire Emblem Heroes content And please be sure to hit that notification bell and click on ‘all’ so that you can always get the updates to my videos whenever I upload, because Youtube sub boxes are about as functional as an Anna alt! So with that being said, I’ll see you guys next time. Thank you so much for watching and have a great day!

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100 thoughts on “SUMMER Banner LEAKED? – Fire Emblem Heroes News & Discussion [FEH]

  1. They stopped give us the 3ds character alts but now there spamming there oc’s as alts which in my point is even worse

  2. Probably skipping this banner if they have good skills they’re going to be fodder but the free unit is either hrid or ylgr but it would be better if it was surtr

  3. I was on a Discord server when I learned about these fake links that said Gunnthra and Laegjarn were on there, but they also said the other two banner units were Sophia and Hawkeye, in place of Laevatein and Helbindi. The links went to the FE heroes guide site so I figured that they were fake and seeing more legit proof that Helbindi and Laeva are there is cool. I'm fine with either though.

  4. But they uploaded a video banner for Dragalia Lost on the mobile channel. I don't think the earthquake was the reason of the absence of the summer trailer banner. It might be some last minute change like censorship or something like with Summer Adult Tiki.

  5. I am not sure this is real. Recently, arts are getting better for seasonal units. Sudden drop of quality doesn't seem real due to artists having several weeks or months to work on units. You didn't mention Summer Surtr being Tempest Trial unit. Surtr needs his alt.

  6. So Gunnthrá is calvary, Laegjarn and Laevatein are both fliers and Helbindi is clearly an armored unit

    Edit: It would be funny if this was the banner for next month’s summer units XD

  7. Being straight will allow me to save on Orbs, but I will say that Laegjarn is FINE.
    Also so happy that Helbindi got his first alt. Poor guy deserves more love.

  8. That sucks. Japan has the news about the disasters which are the Earthquake & the Tsunami… Looks like they'll be delaying the FEH Trailer for the banner to be released until things starts to calm down. Awe… 😔

    Me: This leaked banner for those alts of Gunnthrá, Helbindi, Laegjarn, & Laevatein looked really nice & their Artworks… Wow! 😮 That's Hot.
    But We Shall See so IDK if what people saying true or false of another unit.

    4:18 – 4:22 / Pm1: "BC YouTube Subboxes R About As Functional As Anna Alt." Lol. He really says about Anna from FEH & that zoom in tho on her face. Facepalms…

    Anyways, Nice Job Pm1! 👍👏😄

  9. You know… I don't really care about the KIND of unit, since I don't have Summer Kamui (I like more the japanese name) and Summer Camilla T_______T, I like all the three girls. Little less Laevateinn maybe but I loke all of them, the tanned Hulk is also interesting but… since I'm a man, I'm sure you understand XD.

    By the way, I watch frequently your videos, the last serie was Shadows of Valentia. Can I know how much money do you have to spend? Because you show A LOT of games for different consoles…

  10. Just so you know, Pheonix, what Laeva has isn't a surfboard, it's a kickboard. Kickboards are generally used for swim training or swim practice. A swimmer holds onto a kickboard while swimming to specifically workout their leg, hip, and stomach muscles.

  11. Just imagine trying to stab these girls with a sword but their bikini gives them 40 def and your sword deflects off of their boob.your units has armor but their Able to stab right through you with a fork and the game Director calls that Fire Emblem and than you say “this shit supposed to be medieval fantasy wtf is this Japanese crap” and than you know why they do this crap it’s to appeal for their sexual urges and they don’t know dungeons and dragons.

  12. Laegjarn looks more like a Blue Flier Dagger tbh, could be cool and we're closer to more Emblem teams with the Feh OG units!

  13. I'd like Laegjarn for reasons and Helbindi because he's cool. I'm hoping this means Ylgr is the TT unit because she's the only sibling without an alt and it'd be super cute. I think i'm gonna hold off until the next new one is released and see what I like from there.

  14. There’s no reason as to why they’re forcing Camilla alts in the form of Gunnthra and Laegjan. Older sisters shouldn’t = thots, but give them ahegao faces anyways I guess

  15. Summer Laeg & Helbindi…gosh darn I'm really hoping these leaks are real bcuz I NEED to have my choco husbando & waifu in swimwear😍


  17. If it's real…


    They should focus a bit on their main cast instead of characters from a Book that was only good because it was compared to Book 1.

    Where's our Anna alt?

  18. laegjarn is blue lance, its hard to see but theres a long stick with flowers in the small image (where she is next to the orb)

  19. Sees Mah Waifus Gunnthra, Laejarn, and Laevatein like this

    Instant Nosebleed

  20. plz i need more female corrin alts because i've been saving so many orbs that im at 1.4k orbs after spending about 2.1k orbs on +10 fallen corrin. if not i just keep saving until more female corrin alts come out i guess.

  21. How about next time you don't show the leaked character in the thumbnail. I know people were expecting it, but still.

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