Symbol Name Tag Generator for Pokemon GO Excel Sheet | Spreadsheet Download

This sheet will allow you to create tags that you can put in your Pokémon name tag. By looking at your Pokémon type, you can find its weaknesses in symbols. The symbols are shown at the top of the sheet, you can copy them by pressing the “copy”-button next to it. When a Pokémon has two types, it might have a double weakness which will result in a double symbol. You can do the same to determine the strengths of your Pokémon, for this, look at it’s move type(s). You can put the Pokémon strengths in front of it’s name so you can easily form a team for your gym battle! You can edit the symbols if they seem illogical. Remember that only a few symbols can be shown in Pokémon GO. If you would just like the list with symbols, I’ve added that in another tab of the sheet.

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