Symbols in Formulas and Charts – IF Function

Hi everyone! In this lecture, we are going to learn how
to use symbols in formulas and insert them into our chart. The symbols are also known as Unicode characters. Especially we are going to use up and down
arrows. Where we can find these symbols? If you click on Insert Tab and then Symbols
Icon, a new window appears. From Font choose Arial and from Subset choose
geometric shapes Now you see the arrows we want. Of course, I’ve already put them into my
data table. Now let’s look at the table: Here we have
the sales of 2 years, 2014 and 2015 for all months. Also, we have a simple formula that calculates
the percent of change between 2014 and 2015. In cells G2 and G3 I have the up and down
arrow. In column E we will calculate the arrows,
using IF statement. Let’s get started: go to E2 cell and start
typing : equal if C2 is greater than B2 then apply G2 which is up arrow , otherwise apply
G3.Don’t forget the absolute reference in cells G2 and G3. Close parenthesis and press
enter. Copy the formula all the way down. Great
The next step is to create the chart. So, select all my data and from Insert tab
and recommended charts icon, I’m going to choose clustered column chart
and move it below the table. We have to make some changes to the chart,
starting from horizontal axis. Right-click on it, select data and from the
new window click on edit button on your right. The axis label range that we want to appear
on the chart is from D2 to E13. Also from the legend entries we will delete
2014 , percentage change and change. Press ok and from quick layout button, select
layer 5 which shows the table with sales. Get rid of the legend, gridlines, vertical
axis and title. The chart is ready. If you want you can change the font of axis,
the color of columns and the gap width. The symbols and text gives you more information
about data and these types of charts are used in dashboards very frequently. Thanks for watching!

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