Symbols Speech

a famous author once said that maybe the
journey isn’t so much about becoming anything maybe it’s about unbecoming
everything that really isn’t you so that you can be the person that you were
always meant to be this quote really represents my current life and the journey that I’ve been on from deciding to go back to school at 25 to enrolling and getting my GED to entering college I have work to un-become everything that
really isn’t me three items that I’m going to show you today will represent my past which is a pair of sneakers my present which is a backpack and my
future which is a business blazer the first item is a pair of sneakers not
only does this represent the type of attire that I would wear before going to
school at the jobs that I had previously it represents a job that I actually had
in journeys shoe store in the mall this was a dead-end job with no growth
potential representing exactly the things that I left in my past the next
item is a backpack this is my school backpack it represents not only the fact
that I’m going to school every day but the fact that I’m working to become
someone that I can be proud of the type of person I was always meant to be
successful smart and independent the third item a business blazer represents
my future currently I am working to become an accountant I’m getting my
degree in Business Administration and I hope to enter corporate America after
graduating from college this is not only a blazer but it represents the kind of
attire that I’ll be wearing once I obtain a job in my industry so in
conclusion all three of these items represent something about
me my past my present and my future all of these items have been instrumental
in helping me un-become everything that I was and start to become who I’m truly meant to be a successful independent businesswoman thank you for being here
and listening to my speech

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