TekLynx Label Matrix PowerPro Product Demonstration

Hi its Camille with POSGuys.com. Today I’m
going over TekLynx Label Matrix PowerPro. To start making a new label you just hit File
>New and it opens up the wizards. PowerPro has some great wizards for making the process
of creating labels very easy. We’re gonna change the page size here really quick. You
can use different types of media for quick draw you can use Avery Label Sheets and things
like that, they have the templates built in but for now we’re just going to stick to continuous
or die-cut label stock which is the large rolls. Next we’re going to make our label a little
bit shorter. Next. And call this a sample label. Now we have our new label. First we’re going to create a new headline. Add Text It is very easy to add text to your label.
You can change your font. It is pretty simple. Change the size and the color. Then hit okay,
there is our headline. Next we’re going to add an image. So you can
either insert and image up here or just hit the button that says add picture on the left.
Then you just navigate to your file. This is clipart that comes with PowerPro. So I’ll show you, basic warning signs. There
are more folders that come with it as well. Clipart and useful labels. I’m going to add
this biohazard symbol to our label. You can change the color just like you can in the
font. We can make it red. Okay. You can also add text, paragraphs of text
as opposed to just single headlines. Now just paste that in there. You can change the font
in the same manner. So just regular old font that we’ll make a
little bit smaller than 24. So okay, and then we have our paragraph of
text. We can just drag it around and put it where
we want to. Next we’ll show you how to add a barcode so
you can add a barcode. This is for 1D barcodes. Give it data there and change your barcode
here. You can change the fonts and the colors as in all of the other dialogue boxes. We’ll just hit OK and there is our barcode. It is your basic 1D barcode. If you want you
can add 2D barcodes as long as you are using PowerPro and it will give you the same list
of barcodes here except that they are no longer 1D barcodes they are 2D barcodes and they
will look different and they will hold more information. For now we’re just going to put some sample
text in here. There we go, just hit OK. Then it gives you
your 2D barcode. Using PowerPro you can also add information that is linked to a database.
We’ll do that now. So lets just add text. Then instead of having the origin be constant
we’re going to select database. It’ll pop up questions here asking you what
file you want to pull from so we’re just going to add a database. Quickdraw only has normal
setup but in PowerPro there is advanced setup which is, allows you to use ODBC and SQL databases and you hit next here. It will also give you
the option to provide a username and password for password protected Access databases but we’re just going to use a basic database
today. Navigate to my file. So Products database. This is one of my products and this is everything
that is in the database right now. You can change the names if you want but we’re just
gonna hit next and go on. We’re going to keep our database in a sequential access manner. and this is our sample database, hit finish. So
now it’s the text has been setup so it will pull from the database and you can select
what you’d like it to pull from here. We’re going to have it pull the price of the product.
Which is currently 0 dollars and so you just hit OK and your price pops up. Really quickly I’m going to link these barcodes
to the database. So right click properties. Instead of constant select database. We’re
going to keep the product code as our option there. Right click properties. Change it from constant
to database. We’re gonna use description for that one and hit okay. So one of the nice database features that
PowerPro comes with is the data grid and I’ll show you that. This is your Data Grid, it allows you to preview
what the labels are going to look like before printing with the data in the label itself. So as you can see the barcodes and the price
are changing as I go through my data grid. Label Matrix PowerPro is very easy to use
and I think that is the best part of this software. It has a very clear what you see
is what you get interface. I know what I’m creating and what I’m going to print as I
am creating it and it doesn’t take much time to pick up the ins and outs. One thing to
consider when you’re choosing power pro is if it will work with your current software.
So check with us before purchasing. Also if you would like to buy the product or get more
information on Label Matrix PowerPro please visit our site at POSGuys.com or give us a
call at 1-800-903-6571.

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