Tepra Lite LR201 Label Maker – Unbox and Use!

I bought a Tepra Lite LR 201 label maker Let’s unbox this! Batteries are not included in the box This uses 4 AAA batteries I am putting in the tape now This is the paper type There are also the cloth(?) and plastic type Let’s close this up and explore the Tepra! Let’s see what kind of fonts do they have Now let’s take a look at the frames Different models of Tepra offer different things The font, frames and kind of tapes also differ You will not be able to print ribbons using Tepra Lite At least I can’t find any ribbon cartridges for Tepra Lite where I live so I’ll presume it is not available I’ll do a test print The chimney is the cutter! This is how the tape looks like from behind I’m going to print a series of label for my wall switches! That’s all from me today. Bye Bye~!

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