Test Your Graphic Design Knowledge Ep#3 (Basics / Beginner)

join in today for a quick graph design
quiz and see how well you know the graphic design matches up to today’s
video as designers it’s important to have a website to show off a portfolio
of work bookmark offers the most straightforward and quickest way to
generate an awesome website without even having to write down a single line of
code and all completed in a matter of minutes check out the link in the
description below to learn more about bookmark and design your website today there’s ten questions in today’s video
so keep count of your scores and follow along so what term describes the
adjustment of spacing between lettering across an entire word or a sentence as a
whole is it leading kerning tracking or layouts so the correct answer on the first
question is actually tracking you might confuse it with kerning which is the
spacing between two letters by themselves another hallward’s when
designing a large print document with many different pages such as a brochure
what is the most commonly and widely accepted software for this kind of
document setup is InDesign illustrator Photoshop what do you think it doesn’t
matter the correct answer here is InDesign Adobe developed InDesign for
the desktop publishing markets and it’s primarily used for layout newspapers and
magazines books posters and flyers also with the added feature of master pages
it is the best solution for any large multiple page document so moving on to
the third question in today’s video what is graphic design defined as is it an
expression of emotion maybe it’s a form of art is it strictly business or is it
a visual communication so graphic design essentially is just
visual communication and a visual means to solve a problem so here’s the fourth
question in today’s video guys which one of these is a sans serif font Times New
Roman shreds on pro scripts Ettore or myriad pro this one might be easy for
quite a lot of you and of course the correct answer is myriad Pro what is the
complementary color to orange is it green blue yellow or is it per for complementary colors orange is in fact
blue now halfway done so roll onto the sixth question what does one principal
is used on the typography seen below does it use contrast repetition space or
balance so the answer here is contrast there’s a
use of thick and thin typeface what is the difference between brand design and
logo design brand design is only for big businesses local design is a lot easier
for to do as a designer a logo design is just one part of a brand design they are
the same thing so yeah the answer here is that a logo design is just one aspect
for brand as a whole in graphic design there’s a special number that objects
were design elements can be grouped in this is instinctively visually appealing
to the viewer and what is this number is it 1 3 5 or 10 so here the right answer is three the
rule of thirds extends across design in many different sectors and I’ve actually
added some links down below relating to the rule of thirds and the number three
in design so the penultimate question today is what is the most important
aspect of typography on a design is it the style the typography the weights the
contrast eligibility so of course the most important thing is the legibility
you need the audience or the viewer to read the typography and to absorb the
information that it’s actually producing so the last question today is for any
full-size print document project Warp resolutions to the design document
be is it 300 PPI 72 PPI 900 ppi 450 PPI typically anything a43 in size downwards
should be 300ppi so quickly before the results are given today I want to give a
huge shout out to the people who supported me on patreon this month I set
up a patreon account as a request from multiple different people and I did that
just a couple of weeks ago so yeah massive thanks to Barbara Aniston Bruce
green Ganga river Lady muck lighten and also Mercedes McGarry I really
appreciate the support guys and for those of you that entered into the tier
where I evaluate your work and offered feedback and advice it’s actually been
really great to see your designs evolve and flourish over time so yet for the
results this test wasn’t very long just 10 questions in total but if you want to
see a longer video in this format maybe based around a dedicated specific
subject in graphic design just let me know your suggestions down below so
maybe you want to see a test based around composition or maybe color theory
or something like that I’m always open to input and feedback
from you guys make sure to subscribe to my channel if you want to keep boosting
your skills as a graphic designer and also like and share my content on
social media also make should have a great weekend everybody and I’ll see you
back on Monday with more graphic design content until then design your future
today peace

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33 thoughts on “Test Your Graphic Design Knowledge Ep#3 (Basics / Beginner)

  1. ๐–Ž๐–ˆ๐–๐–Ž ๐–‹๐–†๐–—๐––๐–š๐–†๐–†๐–‰ says:

    1. Confused it with the other word.
    2. I was right
    3. I was right
    4. I was right
    5. I said purple
    6. I was between contrast and balance
    7. I was right
    8. I didn't know that one… Nice
    9. I was right
    10. I already knew I was right before you said it lol

  2. Cretae something like this dude

  3. It's funny cuz I always hated quizzes in school but these it's a different story maybe it cuz I'm actually interested in design and thats what I'm focusing on, anyways I wouldn't mind more they been so helpful even the ones I miss I learn or reminded of something I need to remember, thanks ๐Ÿ˜

  4. Lol… I was wrong with 1, 3, and 5. THANKS FOR THE QUIZ SATORI Bro. I just wanted to know one thing that what is that becoming a Patreon?

  5. I did a lot better than I expected…I'm doing UX/UI Design, but am also learning some Graphic Design as well… I'm thinking if going to school for Graphic Design later in the year…

    Thank you for this quiz! It affirms that I do enjoy what I decided to pursue and that the facts and information does stick because I enjoy what I'm doing… ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Sensei. Can you possibly expand more on the logo/brand design part, and what brand design includes?

    Thank you!
    P.S. Scored a 7. Maybe, I'm not as stupid as I thought.

  7. my score is 7 there was confusion in between kerning and tracking also in that typography question contrast and legibility

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