The ʌ Symbol (IPA)

Hi from The English Buzz, this is part of a series
of videos which helps you learn each symbol from the international phonetic
alphabet by giving a number of common examples. If you need an introduction to
the international phonetic alphabet we’ve included a link below this video.
In this video we are focusing on the sound (ʌ). So here we go with the examples So, here’s another side note which
we seem to love here at The English Buzz, in the examples the (ʌ) sound was formed
with the following a single O as in mother a double O as in flood and with
a U as in cut so it is clear to see that the (ʌ) sound is formed from different
letters from the regular alphabet and if you feel like practicing this sound hit
the pause button and read out loud these sentences. We hope you got some value
from this video, please like subscribe and share and use the links. So from The
English Buzz, we say bye bye for now

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