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– Bad Boy’s still here and
y’all ain’t doing nothing. – We got French Montana. – Man, French Montana is trash. As a rapper? Drop some French Montana bars right now. (overlapping chatter) Not a chorus.
– Not a chorus? Hey, man, that’s not fair to French. – Give me a regular bar.
– Don’t do that to French. – He sounds like a sandwich,
let me get the French Montana. (laughing) Trash as a rapper. Trash as a rapper.
– That’s funny. (mellow jazz) Tahir, come on, talk about Def Ham. (laughing) – Childish, bro. You mad childish. – Hey, what’s up? It’s
me, Megscoop, repping the best rap label in
the game, I’m talking ’bout Cash Money taking over
for the 99 and the 2000. You already know. (overlapping chatter) That’s what I’m saying,
when you hear that. You know what’s up. – What do you do when that happens? – What’d you do in the church
when you heard that song? (laughing) – That is not… – They don’t wanna make that song anymore. (laughing) – What up, it’s ya boy
DoBoy, a.k.a. Jabeta, and this is the millennium of Aftermath and ain’t gon’ be nothing after that, so give me one more platinum
placard, you can have it back. – You got plaque on your teeth. (laughing) You got plenty of that.
– Shut up. – What up peeps? Tony
Baker here to talk about the best rap label for raps, Loud Records. – Who?
– Loud Records. Home of Wu-Tang Clan, Mobb Deep, Xzibit, Krayzie Bone, Three 6 Mafia, Project Pat– – Krayzie Bone?
– Krayzie Bone. – What’s good, it’s
Sabrina Plug, and I’m about to put you guys on to the
best rap label, Ruff Ryders. (booing) – Trash!
– Alright, relax. – Sabrina, your voice is
quiet, you’re the hush riders. (laughing) – I’ll give you that.
– Stop. Drop. – It’s not about…
(laughing) – Quiet down. – What up y’all? It’s
your boy, Kevonstage, and I’m here to tell you why Bad Boy is the greatest rap label of all time. (booing)
– For like two years. – Otherwise known as Bankruptcy Label. ‘Cause everybody went bankrupt. – Otherwise known as the
home of The Notorious B.I.G., who is in everybody’s top three. – Who else, who else?
– Who else? – Besides B.I.G. – Biggie Smalls, Big
Poppa, Christopher Wallace, that’s four right there, if you ask me. – What’s up guys? Tahir Moore here, and I’m here to talk about
the best rap record label of all times, and it has to go to none other than Def Jam. The father of all of these
little small companies. They are peons in the shadow of Def Jam. – Who else, beside Biggie? – Diddy, Sean Combs.
– No. – Loon.
– Loon, really? – G. Dep.
(laughing) (overlapping chatter) Craig Mack, Black Rob,
and Mase, Harlem World. – [Tony] Mase had one album. Da Band, Dylan, Dylan,
Dylan, Dylan, and Dylan. – If you’re from the
South, you love Cash Money, because of course there
was rappers in the South, but this is what put us on the map. – No it’s not. – Everybody, I’m talking
about Hot Boys, Lil Wayne, Birdman, you got Slim, you had Turk. – Did you just name Slim? He don’t rap. (laughing) – He’s the owner! – Okay, let’s talk about the artists, you started off with the godfather of West Coast music, Dr. Dre. – He wasn’t a great rapper. – Chronic 2001 was one of the
highest selling albums ever. – Oh, we just talking ’bout sales? ‘Cause Vanilla Ice’s debut, man. (laughing) That’s six million records, right there. The albums Loud put out,
they still dope today. – [DoBoy] Like what? – Wu-Tang’s first album
is still dope right now. – You’ve referenced that like seven times. – Mobb Deep’s first three
albums are still dope right now, there’s a war going on
outside no man is safe from, everybody knows that. – It’s not about how many
people were on the roster, ’cause there wasn’t that many. – Who was it?
– How many on the roster? – DMX.
– Okay. – DMX is really all I really have to say. (laughing)
– Okay. – That’s all you can say. (overlapping chatter) – And we got Eve, and we got The Lox, and then we have The Lox, separately. – But you got Jin, though.
– Jin? – Oh, let’s talk about that.
(overlapping chatter) – Listen, Jin was the
only mistake we made. – Whatchu mean? Jin was amazing. – Jin was fire. (overlapping chatter) – When you see Def Jam,
you can’t help but think of comedy, you can’t help
but think of dope rappers, you can’t help but think of great movies. – Keep it to rap! – Listen, I’m sorry that
we have so much to offer. – Diddy make hits, he also had Yung Joc. – You know what the problem was? – Two records and dropped. – Diddy makes hits. Most rappers don’t have fire
after two or three albums, so Diddy signs you, makes you hot, then when you go to be weak– (overlapping chatter) Were y’all doing this
when Yung Joc came out? – To this day, Cash Money still
got a big imprint on hip hop because now they’ve got
Young Money, Cash Money, Rich Gang, as well, so
you got Nicki Minaj— – And Lil Wayne don’t have no money. – Young Thug, you’ve got Drake. (overlapping chatter) I can just leave now, I just said Drake. – When you think about three
rappers on the same label and you say that you have
Kendrick, you have Fifty, you have Eminem, there’s nothing more– – Jay Z, Kanye, and Beanie Sigel
are all one the same label. (overlapping chatter) Beanie Sigel was an amazing lyricist. – Beanie Sigel was really good. – Take it easy man. – Wu-Tang is a movement,
they changed the game. – Wu-Tang is for the children. – People still wearing Wu wear. Still. – Wait, wait, wait, Tony, how did– – People still wear Wu wear. – Tony, how did they change the game? – They changed the game with
just raps, karate movies. (laughing) They changed the game, they brought out, let me tell you this,
let me tell you this. – Karate movies?
– Karate movies. Karate movies and rap. – LL Cool J, Beastie Boys, DMX. – Okay.
– Jay Z. – That’s a big gap. – Kanye.
– Hold on, hold. – I can go back! – Beastie Boys ’84, then DMX. – Try to stay in order, time-wise. – Okay, Q-Tip.
(laughing) – They got LL. – They got Beanie Sigel. – Stop dropping Beanie Sigel! He not good like that! – What is your love
affair with Beanie Sigel. – Beanie Sigel was really good. – Beanie Sigel is dope, though. – Beanie Sigel was a dope
rapper, we talking about rappers, he one of the dopest rappers. – All of their big artists have complained about not getting paid, from Juvenile, to B.G., to their biggest
artist, Lil Wayne. – Juvenile should be rich right now. – They should change their name from Cash Money to Owe Money. – Hold on, here’s what’s so funny, because if he, hold on,
if he complained so much, why did he re-sign in 2014?
– Who did? – Juvenile did.
– Oh, he did? – ‘Cause they wouldn’t
let him out of his deal. – And Turk.
– But is he rich? – No, he was already out of the deal. – ‘Cause he was working at
Home Depot weeks before. – He came back.
(laughing) – That’s why he re-signed! – Two records and shelved,
that’s what it is. – That’s fine, you can give me two albums, if they’re gonna be fire. Biggie’s one album, gimme
one of Biggie’s albums, that’s better than most
labels ever have to offer. – The West Coast was literally dead, they came out with The Game. The Game is one of the
most slept on rappers ever. – He’s slept on for good reason. – No, he’s not. The Game is–
– The Game ain’t fire. – Yes he is! – The Game ain’t in your
top 25 rappers right now. – He’s in my top three! – Who’s your top three
if The Game is in it? – Fat Drake is one.
– No. (laughing) – Drake is number one.
– Oh, really? – Jay Z number two, I put Game at three. – And The Game? – The Game is hard! – I had Wu wear, I had a Wu-Tang– – That was your first mistake. – And you was practicing
your karate moves. – I had a Wu-Tang medallion
that chipped my tooth one night. – What? – I was throwing a chair,
and then the necklace came and chipped my tooth. – Why were you throwing a chair? – Tony’s childhood was–
– What’s wrong with you? – You’re fighting your friends. – I threw a chair, the
necklace came round, bow, I chipped my little tooth on the bottom. – [DoBoy] Who were you
throwing the chair at? – I had a Wu-Tang Forever birthday cake. (laughing)
– Really? – [DoBoy] Who were you
throwing the chair at? – Dead serious. – You are forgetting to mention one of their greatest additions
to hip hop, Def Jam Vendetta. – Shut up! – A video game of rappers fighting? (overlapping chatter) That sold like crazy! – Ruff Ryders just need
to diversify they sound, which they didn’t.
– Right. – They had everybody
from the same project. – But they held it down
from ’98 to like… – ’99.
(laughing) (overlapping chatter) – At least in ’98, DMX was
bigger than Jay Z at that time. – He was!
– DMX was definitely bigger. – Absolutely bigger than Jay Z. – DMX also was covered
in blood and terrifying. (laughing)
– Yes, he was. – Diddy’s greatest skill is
he finds you at your best, he gets the best outta
you, and he cuts you– – And he takes all your money. – Takes your money, gets
you rich a little bit, and he cuts you before you flop. – Diddy is Dollar Bill from Player’s Club. (laughing) – And aren’t you arguing for Cash Money? – Yes. – With Baby robbing everybody? – First of all, we’ll get into that. – You really don’t wanna argue about– – We’ll get to that, we got
everybody on this label. – He kissed Lil Wayne in the
mouth and won’t give him $10. (laughing) – Cash Money is on record
for never giving Tyga a paycheck for nothing,
and he gave them Rack City. – That’s ’cause he’s trash. – He’s trash? He’s on the label and he’s trash, you know that’s why I
didn’t mention him, right? I’d rather mention Chanel
and Chanel West Coast, who are also on the label, over Tyga. – Wow. – When Aftermath came into
frutition, they came out– – Frutition?
– Fruition. – What are you doing?
– Top of 2000, right? – That don’t do nothing with fruit. – And they had Dr. Dre,
then they had Eminem, Eminem held down, then they had 50 Cent. Then they had The Game,
then they circled back and brought you Kendrick! Kendrick Lamar, dog!
– Kendrick saved them. – You couldn’t wait to drop Kendrick. – He’s in the Black
Panther movie soundtrack. (laughing) – You couldn’t wait to drop Kendrick. – They are running it. – If it weren’t for Kendrick,
it would be a wrap right now. – Who else is on there now? – W-R-A-P. – Wu-Tang Clan is all you really need. – That’s true.
– That’s all you really need. – I cannot argue Wu-Tang. – Kevin started a group
called Boob-Tang Clan. – And people respect Wu-Tang. (laughing) – DoBoy’s the old hungry bastard. (laughing) – Tahir is roast face killah. – Roast face killah? – But, yo, Eve was the hottest. – Eve went platinum. She’s dope. For us ladies?
– I loved her. I loved Eve back in– – And then she had songs
that we could relate to. – She was really influential, Kev got them same paw prints on his boobs. (laughing) – Show us, show us, show us! If you were alive in the
’90s, you did not turn on your radio without
hearing a Cash Money song. They’re still relevant
today, because without them, there would’ve been no
Young Money Cash Money, which means there would’ve been no Drake, and no Nicki Minaj, so– – Drake would’ve thrived
without Cash Money. – And guess what he signed with. – Well yeah, that’s
’cause he like Lil Wayne. – Lil Wayne doesn’t have any cash money. (laughing) – Lil Wayne has cash money. – They call it kiss money,
’cause that’s what… (laughing) All Baby wanna give out. – He’s like, give me the (mumbles), he’s like maybe there’s a kiss. – He’s just paying everybody in kisses? – Kiss Money Records
taking over for the 99. – The world would be a much better place if we just allowed each other to get paid in kisses, alright? – Hey Meg, is you
finished, or is you done? (laughing) That’s the best thing Cash
Money has brought to the table. – Put some more respect on my name! Hey, thanks for watching
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