The Boo Boo Song | Baby Truck Accident! | Brand New Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs | Gecko’s Garage

Baby truck was driving outside
Up the hill and down the slide Then while chasing after a ball
Baby got a boo boo Mummy, Mum I’ve got a boo boo
Please please make it better can you Baby baby it’s okay
Mummy will wipe your tears away” There, There baby, it hurts I know
Let’s fix you up, we’ll go see Geck-O Mummy , what will Gecko do?
He’ll look after you and fix your boo boo” Hello Baby, how are you?
I’ve hurt myself, I’ve got a boo boo You are so brave, we’ll fix you up soon
Come inside sing this happy tune We all fall over, don’t you cry
We’ll lift you up – just not too high A little lift here, just hold it steady
Your bumper’s looking better already We all fall over, don’t you sigh
You’re nearly fixed, your tears are dry! A little twist here, a little weld there
Now we’ve finished your boo boo repair! Say goodbye to your boo boo,
Cos now you look as good as new! Thanks for visiting me today,
Now you can go out and play!

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