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100 thoughts on “The DVD Logo – The Office US

  1. It would have been funny if Michael turned around, saw the tv was on and turned it off just as it went into the corner

  2. You know the fact that they cheered results in the golden ticket idea. This screen really was helpful.

  3. The only scene in the US version that is remotely funny but even then it was almost ruined by the clunky delivery.

  4. Notice how they never show Angelas face during this. It would be hard to imagine if she would be excited about something silly.

  5. I like to imagine if there was a seriously pious Christian character who likes to quote the Bible whenever it's appropriate. When Oscar said, "It's never gonna happen," he would have said, "If you believe, you will see the glory of God."

  6. The creators did a good job in hiding Angela's reactions in this! The serious woman that she is, one would have expected her to pay attention to Michael. But she obviously was 'in' on the 'DVD Logo hitting the corner' game.

  7. Looking back at it now, and I know I'm gonna make a lot of ennemies, I find that the actress for Pam is pretty bad at acting.

  8. I am still amazed by how they got the timing all aligned with the script. Like Steve wasnt facing the tv so how did he know where the logo was?

  9. 1:00 dont know why but I find it funny how Andy looks at Michael from his reaction to his outburst and then just looks back at the screen 😂

  10. Sometimes the most silly & subtle observations are the funniest. The writers have hit comedic gold with this scene. This is possibly one of the funniest scenes on television, ever.

  11. Besides the memes
    This is my first taste of the Office

    Now Im gonna watching it xD
    British or Usa Version
    ? What you say ¿

  12. They shouldn't have explained shat they were doing. It would've been way funnier if they just made the joke. It's like that unnecessary explanation

  13. Michael Scott (Steve Carell) for Office and Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris) for How I met your mother are Irreplaceable

  14. He's saying they need a trick to get more buyers, something you have search for. And this is not long before the episode golden ticket. Huh.

  15. What I think the scene sounds like from a distance:

    "We have a lot of collared people here. Why oh why do we keep blaming this on Dwight?"

    "GaH, cOME oN!"


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