The Easy (& FREE!) Way to Make a Logo for Your YouTube Channel

Hello, everybody. I am Ezequiel Bruni,
web designer and writer with Website Planet. And today, you, me, logo for Youtube channel.
No preamble. We’ve got five minutes. Let’s do this. Switching over to the desktop here. All right, today we’re using
the Wix Logo Maker, because they allow you to download
a free logo sample and that’s already the one I used
in this article, so … Quick tutorial. Click ‘Start Now.’ There we go. New logo. Now, I’ve already done this before,
but let’s do it again. We’ve set up a quick Youtube channel here,
called The Pie Channel. And no tagline. What’s the logo for? Pies, baby. Pie shop. There we go. ‘How should your logo look and feel?’ Let’s go with Playful, Fun,
Modern, and Hipster. Let’s see. Not enough contrast on that one,
but I like the style. Uh-huh. Uh-huh. [chuckles] Let’s go with something
a little more classic here. Ooh, I like that one.
That’s an excellent one. Now, where are we using it? Well, let’s just go with website.
What the heck. It’s gonna do its little AI thing. And depending on how long it takes …
Oh, there we go. The Pie Channel! The Pie Channel … As you can see,
not a lot of pie-themed icons as such. We’ve got some that are sort of abstract.
It might work. So, let’s go with ‘Replace Icon.’ Let’s look up ‘Pie.’ And that gets us
a whole lot of the @ symbol. Let’s not try that. Let’s go with ‘Apple Pie.’ And there we go.
We have a bunch of pie-themed icons. For some reason, ‘apple pie’
always works better than just typing in ‘pie.’ And I couldn’t tell you why. I am so sorry for the rhyme. Since this is just a tutorial and we’re not trying to make
anything super fancy, I’m just gonna grab … that. A big, yummy-looking pie slice. And we’re not worried about the typography,
because in this case, we don’t actually want to show the type. So, we’re just going to ignore the typography. We’re going to pick a color I like. I like that color, I like this color scheme. Now, what we’re going to do is we’re going to move this
down to the bottom of the canvas. Do not move it off the canvas. If you move it off the canvas,
it will screw up how the exported file looks. So, you know, don’t do that. Size in pixels. Make it nice and big. Move that back onto the canvas. Put this somewhere in the middle. Okay, we are good to go. One thing we can do is, we can make the font size
nearly impossible to see. And I wonder if we can get … There we go.
The hex value of the background. Now, we go to the text. Done! Now, the text is
the same color as the background and will not be visible at all. You just have to know
how to beat the system. All right. We’ve got our pie logo. Next, just get the logo. And we’re going to go down here
to download the free version. Now, the free version
is going to be very small. You don’t really get a lot
in the way of copyright. But let’s see. That works. We can work with that. Ideally, you’d get a logo size or an image
size of 800 pixels by 800 pixels for your Youtube channel, but we’re not buying the image today.
This is just a sample. [04:04] So, if you want to change your logo on Youtube,
you’ve got to go here. Assuming you’ve already created your channel, you just click on the image
up here in the upper right and you go to your channel. We’re already on that screen. And you click there.
‘Edit profile picture.’ And it takes you here, to Google’s ‘About
Me.’ And you click ‘Upload Photo’ … And that’s another project. We go to
Downloads/Free samples by Wix. Check it out! Done. Boom. Give it a second.
It’s not perfectly centered. I’m not seeing an option to …
Ooh, there it is. You just got to click and drag.
There we go. That wasn’t very obvious, but boom!
Now it’s more centered. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is it. You now have a new logo for your channel. As soon as it loads. There it is. And well, that’s about it. I hope this tutorial was fun, educational, and if you like the logo you built,
obviously, buy it. Get the high-resolution version. It’s not just good for quality,
it’s good for owning the copyright. So do that. And that should be it. This is Ezequiel Bruni, signing off.

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