The EU energy label in 60 seconds

New research says appliances could be using a lot more energy at home than what appears on the energy label in shops So what’s going on? The label is one of the best things that EU has ever done? It’s a great tool for comparing products and because shoppers love it, so do manufacturers They try to get a great label score by making their products more and more efficient Products now do the same job for 20 percent less energy on average and energy bills will soon be 500 euros lower Lower bills mean more to spend on the things we like and less on energy from troubled parts of the world but the label has problems tests to rate products can be weird Fridges are never open, vacuums tested with an empty bag This could be because they’re created mainly by industry experts with too little involvement by green and consumer groups Meanwhile products are getting smarter, connected and filled with software. That’s great and will make for better machines but the product police are underfunded and struggling to make sure everyone is playing by the rules So what’s the answer? That’s simple: labels should reflect how people use products in the real world and the authorities should be demanding this Meanwhile, government should be cracking down on some of the billions in energy savings that are being lost by Europeans every year

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