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100 thoughts on “The Evolution of Alyssa Edwards 💃 Portrait of a Queen | Logo

  1. She, raven, Raja, del Rio are favorite.
    Now Alyssa looks more like a woman plus she dances.
    She's so talented. Love her

  2. Wow. I knew she was from Texas, I had no idea she was from Mesquite. That’s my hometown. I feel a weird sense of pride now😊

  3. Why not be a woman 24/7? What's up with being a man in the day and a WANNA BE woman at night? Are you mocking women? What's the point?

  4. Stunning Alyssa i just love your Spirit and personality 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘👑👑👑👑👑👑👑

  5. You know i've watched the shut up and drive lip sync a LOT, but this is the first time i heard and acknowledged Tatiana's "we're gonna do it" so cute

  6. I LOVE how much support Alyssa's students and their parents gave her, such a great little family they've built at her studio 👑💜

  7. Allyssa who? Shangela is the most underrated and most talented drag queen. She deserves a crown and was cheated royally in ALL STARS.

  8. Her nasty attitude made me not like her. She was a mean girl on her season. I can honestly say I didn’t watch this whole video cause I don’t like her. Bye bitch.

  9. I'm right down the road in a little town called Frisco <3 and I have to say Honey that YOU ARE A INSPIRATION! !

  10. Although it's just my opinion, I think Miss Alyssa Edwards is amazing, not just beautiful! I remember watching her episode of Dancing Queen on Netflix when she bought her first home. It brought tears to my eyes. That is exactly what I felt. I was a single Mom and hard work and years of it I might add, had really paid off. I actually had my own house. Keep up being gorgeous and leading those young people in dance!!

  11. I think we all can agree that even tho Alyssa didn’t win, she has easily become a fan favourite and an iconic, legendary queen💜👑

  12. That's crazy…..I was thinking how much Alyssa and Shangela resemble each other and they use to dance together.

  13. The one and only, the truly Legendary Iconic Draglicious Irreplaceable Queen!!! Ms. Edwards always and forever

  14. The Baphomet Spirit.
    Is Running Rapid. Many Have Sold Their Souls For Fame & Fortune. Don't Be Deceived By The Glitz & Glamour. Judgement Will Come To Those Who Reject The Truth. Jesus Is Lord.

  15. Loved her since the 1st time I saw her inn Rupaul. I told everyone she was the one to watch. Barbara please!

  16. What made me fall in love with her was her tour of her simple, comfortable house in Texas. She is one of ALL of us.💗💗💗

  17. She looks constipated so many times with the faces she makes lol but I
    L💜VE HER makeup ❣❣❣❣❣❣❣

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