The Food Label and You: Servings

We’ve all got to eat
three squares a day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And most of the time I bet you
don’t even think about what you’re eating. That’s not good. Your body is like
a fine tuned machine. The food you eat is the
fuel that keeps you running, but how do you know
the nutritional value in that cup of yogurt
or that bowl of cereal? Look on the label. Hey, I’m Gia and I’m
here to talk about the nutrition facts label. If you want to stay
healthy and energetic, then reading and understanding
food labels can help you make food choices that
give you more energy and help you feel your best. And we can all use
a little more brain power. Don’t say it. Don’t even think it. There are three things
you need to know about the nutrition facts label,
just three. Calories, serving size,
and percent daily value. Got it? Well, if you still feel kind of
overwhelmed by the whole idea of actually reading
and understanding food labels, you’re not alone. Let’s see how much the ordinary
person on the street knows about this subject. Thanks, Gia. Well, it’s a little cold
for dining al fresco, but we’ve got work to do. Let’s find our first victim. So what do you think is
the official serving size of a bowl of cereal? I think that one. That one?
Yes. Two.
Two? ‘Cause I’d probably
eat number two. Totally two. What would be the official
serving size of cereal? Number three.
It looks like number three. Tell me which
number you think? Bowl number two. Your opinion on what you
think an official serving size of cereal might be. Three.
Would you eat what’s in– Oh, I didn’t know.
Bowl number three. You would–big breakfast. What’s in bowl one,
bowl two, or bowl three? I would probably do two. Would you point to what you
think would be an official size? I think it’s a lot
smaller than I usually have. Lots more than I think it is. I think it’s gonna
be number one. My work is done here. Okay, we’re gonna make this
easy to understand because this can be confusing. For instance, if I have
1 of those 20 ounce sodas, how many servings is that? One? Two? Twenty? You’re craving
a nice, juicy burger. How many calories
are you getting? Add cheese, supersize it, you
know the calories are going ka-ching, ka-ching. But exactly how many are there? If you eat 18 grams of fat,
which is 28% DV at breakfast, how much can you eat at lunch
to remain below the recommended daily value? Have the salad. Okay, it’s not algebra, but you
do need to do a little math to make the best food
choices you can.

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